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Daily Media Review: Fri, 03.06.11

Back to the media posts, nothing much of usefulness other than the usual, as Naseem Taleb (wannabe intellectual) notes ”they are industrial producers of the distortion”, today’s distortion is on the scale of fear of the new ‘summer story, summer epidemic, summer swine flu” (be very very frighten, uhhhhuhh!!!).

RT has an excellent article as usual, if the western media distort coverage on Libya look at Russian Papers, not even Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya or any middle eastern, which, if you did not know, not conspiracy but fact, 80 per cent of the entire media and press industry is funded and controlled by the foreign western governments (especially from the so-called ”Secret Vote” or Funds, made available to espionage and other intelligence services). Let me quote from RT, the article heading is ”NATO Operations in Libya is ‘Piracy on an International Scale” (and discuss the frozen billions by banks, oil, etc);

”What NATO wants is regime change. They want absolute and total control of the largest oil resources in Africa,” she said. “They want ownership of the billions of dollars, more than $70 billion that Libya holds just in immediate assets from those past oil and gas sales. They want control of the whole infrastructure. None of this is about the humanitarian defense of the people of Libya, or of any group in Libya.”

giuAnd the expert quoted goes on to predict, what I have been predicting in the wilderness, that sooner or later ”mission creep” will mean, that take the occupying western forces, into putting boots in the grounds;

”At this stage NATO, in consultation with the Pentagon, is preparing a new phase of this war, in other words, the process of military escalation, which could eventually lead to the landing of US – NATO military commandoes on Libyan soil,” he said. “In other words, they are in the process of changing the terms of reference of the so-called no-fly zone to supporting a ground war.”

While the Libyan Sovereign Funds and Goldmann Sach are still in the media, just about. Today, FT (Financial Times) for the first time talks of the issue without discussing the link of the involvement of its other sister-companies, hence, before the paper never talked or discussed the issue. Today, first time, since the Manhattan Attorney General Subpoena Goldmann Sachs for ”Lying’ to the senate committee (any one surprised, honestly?).

Other headlines include the almost done-deal for the most powerful information-manufacturers, NewsCorp of Rupert Murdoch, to finally takeover BskyB (making it, controlling almost 75 per cent of the so-called free and independent western media).

For Twitter users, this link an article from The Economist might interest you (watch out for the embedded-market researchers, mum should be the word) http://www.economist.com/node/18750604.

In the US to watch as the New York Times writes is the vote by the House on US in Libya, and also the Credit Rating of the US and the new market fears.

Have A Good One.


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