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How To Deal With Domestic-Extremism Without Causing Further Deterioration in Perceptions-War?

I once wrote a paper, and sent it to the Home Office (UK), and to A Newly-Formed Counter-Terrorism Unit somewhere in the Midlands, arguing how, Labour Government’s efforts to curb domestic extremism were fruitless and counter-productive, the errors of the Preventive Strategies.

After a month of this paper, what do I hear, but the PM standing in front of the Berlin or was it Munich Security Conference and stating the exacts of the paper (I was convinced it was mine, still am). Anyway, the point here is this, I always wondered why all the complexities and over-handling and analysis of the issue/challenge of how to deal with the problem, and do something so simple, so cheap (might be argued by some, I will be the some) that it does not take a genius or phoney-experts (as Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the writer of Black Swan will state), but rather a historical-profiling; that, have a look at the past data, and see how we dealt successful with internal and far-out problems. The Answer is Socio-Economic Development drive.

Let take this historical data, Republic Of Ireland, economic regeneration. Japan and Germany, same. Iraq (time will tell, but I am on the same results), Korea, the South (even the North are put into a new economic diet by their masters above, my argument here is, the Korea Peninsular will good down into the history books as the first battleground of the western political and economic system against the Confucian Order.). Where else, the list is long and I do not want to leave out any single mention out so I will stop here at the present.

Again the point, first, pinpoint vulnerable ‘breeding Muslim majority ghettos’ in UK, let take Leicester, the Highfields, and from there, encourage social and business entrepreneurship, not religious equivalent, what the preventive strategies attempted and dismally failed to get any way but creating more divisions and animosities within, as those entrusted with the funds begun to look and distribute for the benefit of their own ‘religious tribes and close families’. And from there, secondly, encourage them to be responsible, or at least perceptually feel so, to contributing towards rebuilding the local social communities (the civil societies with independent not dictated voice) and socio-economic regeneration of their own run-down neighbourhoods, with these funds, plus psychological efforts towards rebuilding and winning that perception war, be it UK, US or any other western state, extremism will be defeated at the strategic choke point; left lifeless and alienated from the rest of the communities (like a fish forced out of the sea by great waves of change, fighting for air and with no water around, taking the Mao critical factor away from these actors).

In short, Develop and Implement a Local Marshall Plan within Muslim Local Communities.



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