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Daily Media Review: Mon, 23.05.11 (with a Special Feature on a BBC ”French Connection” Secret)


Excellent images from the Spanish Protesters at their ‘Tahrir Sq Village’ Thanks to Guardian, the rest seemed to have ‘blanket’ the story off the front pages and screens, understandable (Hacks)!

Daily Mail on the John Scarlett men behind the Iraq War Drive, Guess What? HE GOT A JOB AT STRATOIL a Norwegian Oil Firm, as a ‘special adviser’ (just like me, minus ethicalities, of course), and the firm has a major contract In, Guess Again?, Drums, (dododod) IRAQ!!(WOW did not see that coming haha). Here is the Link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389550/Dodgy-dossier-John-Scarlett-Iraq-oil-job.html, just like the former defence secretary under Labour Government, Mr. Geoff Hoon, now sits at the board of, guess again, WESTLANDS HELICOPTER, UK own Carlyle Group (Military Contractors and Technologies. And almost brought down Thatcher Government, long tells, but those interested can find the story on the web).

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389873/Dr-Kelly-police-probe-thrown-doubt-riddle-prints-missing-dental-records.html from Daily Mail again, for those following the assassination of Dr.Kelly by security services.

Taliban Special Forces Assault on the Naval Base the most daring as yet since the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan.

New Icelandic Ash Crisis, and My argument for a MetOffice Incorporation into the Cabinet Office (see the post below). Silent Blanket over spanish potential of European own Jasmine Revolution, as complete 99 per cent of the western media have not covered the story (if not heard, does not hurt).

Finally, one of my favourite (because it vindicates my arguments, thank you), this we will give it a sub-sectional heading on its own;


At 0732hrs Today Programme on The BBC R4 had a piece of ‘propaganda cover story; how Gaddaffi Army conduct Mass Rape; The story Of 2 POW (Cough Cough)’. THis is the digest of it;

These POW soldiers, unidentified (for ‘security reason’ , one way to stop further investigations; and unfortunately, unlike US, UK does not have an independently-funded ‘Media-Watch’ Organisation, only ‘government-funded’ OFCOM), ‘confessed’ to a ‘mass gang rape conducted by Gaddaffi Forces constantly’, WOW, and to excuse further investigation, Mr. Humphrey states ‘unfortunately, these ‘mass gang rapes’ are ‘unaccountable and unobserved’ since ‘the cultural bias of admitting to have been raped’, double-WOW (it has never stopped them before finding ‘people who will talk’, so why now, ask yourself (because if they can find ‘these who can talk’ then other real independent human rights groups will also ‘attempt to have a chat with these’ via BBC Links and Network (the Non-existent made up for propaganda support for the government commercial interests in Libya: HANDS OF LIBYA should be a new protest, but, as I have always said, WE ARE BRITS, NOT REALLY INTO PROTESTS MORE INTO RAVES’.

Let Me quote you few statements of the link between BBC and Government, with the illusion of Independence and Truth just that an illusion and a Big Lie (made into truth, remember Gobbelles Statement). These quotes comes from an old book written by an Investigative Journalist (The Independent and Observer), Mr. Paul Lashmar, and and Historian of Propaganda, Mr. James Oliver, in their excellent book examining one ‘small’ aspect of ”Britain’s Secret Propaganda War, 1948-1977”, focussing on the IRD offices at the Foreign Office (My teacher was a practitioner and a member of IRD and SOE). Here are the few, with relevance still to date;

Quoting one of the founders of the IRD, Rex Leeper on BBC role and usefulness in propaganda, he stated ” It is fantastic for the Ministry of INformation to intepret subversive propaganda as merely covert or underground propaganda. The most formidable instrument for propaganda today (here comes the punchline) is broadcasting and the facilities offered by the BBC are far and away, our most potent method of employing that instrument”. (p. 18).

Next, the authors writes, ”During the course of the war (might as well be said of the present war, as Iraq Wars, Falkland wars etc), it [BBC] became an extremely effective weapon of propaganda” (p. 18).

and they quote one of the BBC own manager, Mr. A. P. Ryan, to have stated that BBC ‘should supplement the army, the navy and the air force as the ”fourth arm” of war”’ (p. 18).

and within one chapter, titled ”BBC and The IRD”, the authors notes how ” BBC nad Governments presented publicly an arms-length relationship, but (here is the punchline) behind closed doors, they often worked hand-in-hand” (p. 57). and they end with this remark, that BBC is ”allowed to maintain notional, if not real, independence from government control” (p. 58).

A GOOD READ ALL-AROUND. Highly recommended, even though lesser of relevance, it does open eyes to ‘past-deeds’, that still provide model for present ones.

Thanks, and I hope you all have an excellent day.


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