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Re-Founding Labour (Top-2-Top Model: Negative) Vs Restoring Labour (Bottom-2-Top Model: Positive)

My argument here is simple, I seem to be giving them, the Labour Party, more free priceless advice without pay, I will cut my lines of comms here. But the point is, who was the genius behind the ‘refounding labour’?

The campaign and the name of it, as military ops, and there names, is where lies the essential strategic goal and intention behind the operation, as it can be observed of the labour party ‘refounding’, the old ‘top commanding’, ‘top all-knowing’, without opening the party to the public (free PR and advertisement) consultation and the members, and by stating ‘refounding’ is as if you have lost it, and who to trust the party that has lost its own party command to run a country and such a desperate econo0mic and political environments. The concept again has that top-to-top business interest only, that only the executives knows what best for the party, and how to ‘refound’ it within accepted ‘old authoritarian creeds of New Labour’ as one of labour’s own child wrote this morning, see the post below on Bob Marshal-Andrews views on Labour.

In short, the concept of ‘refounding labour’ is negatively applied and presented, it has ‘arrogance-all-over-it’, not humbleness, ‘reaching-out’, ‘apologetic’ and restoring of hope, trust and respect of the party, between itself and its members, itself and voters, itself and the nation, for this positive approach, labour should have sort a more desirable and profound wording, such as the ‘restoring” of labour, to indicate a new efforts of ‘healing wounds and divisions’, not keeping these but applying soothing balm for now, the ‘refounding’ concept.

I hope the party rethinks it ‘operational modelling’.


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