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(New) #EuropeanJamsineRevolution Updates

So, as I have said few days ago, that the Spaniards political protest (or what the mainstream press refer to as the ‘illegal protests”) is the start of the ‘real’ European own Great Jasmine Revolution, if uncontrolled at haste (and at the moment it does seems the establishment have been caught by the ‘unintended surprise’ and have not yet re-organise to react back) will see a real potential of spread across the continent.

Today, half an hour now, there has been a declaration of an extension of ‘occupation of Madrid’s own Tahrir Sq’ by the young protesters, the second-phase of ‘chaos’, and ‘getting out of hands of establishment events, with greater consequences.

I state that, just now on the twitter, that Italians are next to rise up and be counted, but just been informed, that the Spanish Neighbours, The Portugal, might just beat Italians for the Second-Place as the accelerators of the ‘wild fires of the second 1848 Revolutions of Europe’; we will see!

I will continue to make this section a part of the blog, hopefully, before been shutdown for ‘national security’ reasons.HAHA.


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