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Labour Party: The Case For Change by Bob Marshall-Andrews

Inside Blair’s nest of vipers: Tony was delusional and Prescott a bully… but the power of Cherie was not to be underestimated, reveals former Labour MP

By Bob Marshall-andrews


This is an excellent article of must-read for the Labour Party, from one of their own insider, on how the party declined to it’s lowest denominator today; the authoritarianism, the isolationism, the elitism, the arrogance of power, the inward-ism, and also the undesirables (who are more a liabilities than assets for the party, the Mandelsons, the Campbells, and so forth). Just an Excellent piece! Here is few copy-and-pastes (all rights reserved by Daily Mail);

”As the newly elected MP for Medway, it was an early lesson in New Labour’s instinct for authoritarian control and intolerance of dissent. It was a lesson that would be repeated throughout my 13 years in the Commons.”

”I cannot deny, however, that those early conflicts with the power brokers of New Labour left me with a growing sense of alarm at the cynical abuse of personal power that was the stock-in-trade of Blair’s Government and which did much in the coming years to corrode and corrupt Westminster politics.”

”New Labour’s antidote to the likes of Mandelson and his ilk was supposed to be John Prescott – now Baron Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull. The presence of a working-class figure among the high priesthood was supposed to reassure the rest of us.”

”I told the Chief Whip that further attacks on civil liberties or freedom of speech would lose us the next General Election. Memorably, she replied: ‘Bob, people in my constituency do not give a toss about civil liberties.’”

”There are two alarming things about that statement. First, it may be true; and second, she obviously believed it was.”

and ends with an excellent repetition, as of my own recommendation and analysis;

”It is a far cry from that dinner at The River Cafe. But the seeds of this authoritarian, anti-civil rights Government had been sown even then.”


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