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British Politics: The Identity-Crisis of the Major Political Parties

In short, the major political British parties are all experiencing identity-crisis, with difference only on the degree of it’s magnitude; for example, the Conservative Party are the less affected, followed closely by the Liberal Democrats and coming last are the multi-polar-Labour-Party, with so many colours, that the last one, they have adapted probably the correct concept of new revival, ‘refounding labour’ (even though, you will see below, I have criticised this concept as top2top and negative).

Anyway, let see these divisions and identity-crises within each;

1. The Tories: are less affected, but fluctuate periodically from one ‘tribe’, or should appropriately use more contemporary reference, ‘colours’ (red, yellow and blue). Tories, they are stable within the ‘blue-zone’ with rare ‘incursions’ into others ‘colour-zones’ to perhaps ‘steal’ their ideas or create necessary ‘coalitions’ against others. Excellent Strategic mentality, should be respected.

2. The LibDems: They know exactly who they are, no crisis at all, but at the very pinnacle of the point of the centre, that the ‘executive board’, the crisis of identity is some rabid, that, they sound and act more like the tories, or diaporas without a motherland (that politically non-ideological), but from down onward, yellow rules. so in short there is no chance of splits, but there is a chance of ‘re-indoctrination’ of the leadership.

3. The Labour: this party is so divided and lost (hence perhaps perfect equate with ‘refounding’ cries) than any other party in the history of British Politics, or I at least cant remember any of the sort. It is dominated by the ‘blues’ with two-faces, the red-blue, exchanged as appropriate, but mostly, in private is the sea of blue-all-the-way; that blue behind doors, red in the public. Then there are the passionate reds, the bottom of the pile, the ranks-and-file, ‘not really matter any more in the party’, but are deluded into believing they are. Then the middle way, the old, of Tony Benn and the rest, who realise the need for consensual middle way, more red, but tolerant of blues, too. At the present, anyway, the party is lost, simple!

This is my view of the British Political Parties at the present. Thanks.


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