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Three Faces of Democracy: A Typological Analysis (COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL)

I have studied and observed democracies (if any), for some time, but recently, away from the intellectual thinking and hummings, I had a sort of re-examination based on a comparative understanding of what one might say to constitute that which claims to be a democracy. My thinking is based on the economic model of the types of economies; the free economies of Adam Smith, the command economies of Marxism and the mixed economies as the practised-realities.

SO, in short, I reached this conclusion: there exists three systemic and practical types of democracies;

1. The ‘Total and Pure’ Free-Democratic Societies:

This is just an ideal and never a reality. There has been no historical evidence of the existence of this type of democratic system and practise, ever!!!!!! Rhetoric-Based, but not Practised!!!

2. The ‘Ugly and Rare’ Command-Democratic Societies:

This is the rarest of all. It is mostly practised by democracies-claimants during the wartimes, or very unstable domestic situations. This type sometimes is wrongly depicted as a totalitarian system. Nazi Germany practised this during the 1930-40s.

3. The ‘Favoured and Distorted’ Mixed-Democracies:

This belongs to the western states practise of democracy. It is the favoured and distorted, since it is widely used and referred to as the ‘pure and free’ democracy (1). In the West, all states utilise the mixed-approached of free and command systems; hence, you might have the rhetoric of free press, but only to find out it is actually more gagged than an S&M enthusiast; from official secret acts, to self-regulatory systems, to super-injunction crap, to be used as a propaganda tool of the state and the powerful and so forth. So, our systems are in short, mixed, and not pure democracies, no rational state, ‘they’ (these rational states) would ever go full free democratic model, they will feel out of control and command of the people, institutions and the general systemic behaviour as a whole.

Well, I hope I have provided you with an intelligent topic of discussion for this morning and the rest of the day/or even weekend. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL.


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