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The West and The [Ab]Use of Propaganda: Case Studies (Libya & China)

This is a short article looking in passing the abuses and uses of propaganda by our western states.

The last years of the first world war was truly the origins of the most sophisticated models of propaganda and public manipulation products. The architects of these new weapons of mass persuasions were not the ‘axis of evils I’ (Germany and allies), but rather the coalition of the billing (the western allies). This saw the integration and co-operation between the states and the private sector, the commercially interested and national powers. From Orwell and his involvement in the PWE (Political Warfare and Economics), to IRD (Information Research Departments), and the US equivalent, the latter to be the leading innovators of the two, with individuals such as Bernays, Lippman, lawson and others within the office of war information and so forth, were to dominate and shape the new ‘public relations’ emerging structures, for peacetime and wartime application. And these structures and theories of practise have survived to this day. Here we will stop the rudimentary historical analysis, and go straight to our two case studies, so to inform and educate (alert and warn).

If we take our two case studies, Libya and China, we will find how the former is based on the approach of dealing with the present problem, finding the contradictions and weaknesses within and reinforce their ‘worse characteristics to the greater audiences of the west, the world and the local’, and on the latter, the Chinese, the approach is simply a ‘pre-emptive strike’, a sort of creating a foundation for the ‘easy manipulation and manufacturing of the public consent’ of their evilness, ‘the fear-mongering on par with the communism of Soviet Union’.

So, Libya, what it is that we are informed at the present, and how are the media again used to communicate these propaganda to us. There is one simple contradiction, ‘since Gaddaffi is, in the eyes and minds of the western public, already seen as a nasty brutal tyrant, who sponsor international terrorism and is (or not) responsible for claimed atrocities conducted against us, long time ago, these fragments of memories and the strengthened roots of the stereotype in us, is the point of ‘psychological warfare assault’, that propaganda, in persuading or legitimising our governments illegal actions in Libya. SO the point is, we see the media, without visual or any other evidential proofs presented, rather full of repetitive rhetoric and fear-sound-bites, that HE IS MURDERING AND COMMITTING ATROCITIES ON HIS OWN PEOPLE (remember the stereotype we have of him already, and the largely embedded atrocities images in us, hence easily target and re-use weapon and language, the familiarity as it is known). Here, I wont go into depth again and just tell you that, Gaddaffi, I know, he is actually the most beloved son of Libya, and he is very down-to-earth hence the difficult of the western propaganda and arms to force him/oust him out. Remember ask for proof, evidence, in real-time, after all they claim to be 24hrs, updated and reality and truthful media, ask for your right to know, then.

The case study two of china, is simple, we are prepared for the enemy to come, by being told what we have already been told and socialised into accepting that the Chinese are nasties, as Soviet was, and they are threat to our ‘ways of free life’, so the claims go, and will continue to go on. The truth is, China has its own practises, and the Western government know these from the first time the first westerner to step into these lands and meet with these people, there was a recognition, that Chinese are very reserved, displinced, and ‘commanding’ society, that have a inherent revulsion against the barbaric outsiders, for fear of corruption in their systems and cultural identities, and so forth. SO whatever we are observing of china is not tyranny is their cultural practises. But our governments will make sure you do not accept this ‘truth’ and rather accept their/your already existing ‘truth’ of Chinese evilness.

I will leave it here for now, but let me finish by answering a reader of the blog enquiry, on thanking me for the posts, he asked why this anti-establishment approach, even if it is truthful (and might it not harm us, our governments by openly criticising and showing its own ‘contradictions’), my response is this;

I always remember a victim of Nazis during the late 1930s, who wrote, and I will put these lines in my own words;

”They went after the communists and other political dissidents, and I did nothing, because, it was not an affair of my own concern or health”

”They then went after the other ‘degenerates’ of societies, as they saw them, the Jews, the Homosexuals, the Disables and so forth, Again, I did nothing, because it was still not an affair of my concern or health”

”Then, One sad day, they came after me, out of blue, and it was an affair of my concern and health, but unfortunately, those who would probably have stood by me, were no longer present, and I was left all alone to my silence fate”.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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