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Few years ago, the state and technological firms began experimenting with the usefulness of application of computing systems as intelligence collection ‘agents’ (sort of Non-Human Intelligence (N-HUMINT), made up of electronic, signals, geospatial aspects. And these groups have been successful in integrating these new experimental devices in the range of consumer electronic products, such as mobile phone (hence, media and privacy issues of iphone, smart phones etc; the truth all phones undermine your privacies, recruits at local military training centres during their first introduction seminars on ‘Security’, they are informed how to counter these devices, but to make such knowledge their ‘own priivledge’).

Anyway, now computers are our most closest enemies, that we can not leave without, but should try to do so, if we care for our privacy, or at least learn the ‘real’, not ‘open sources’ free software ‘to block’ these infringements.

Now here is a shocker. Today, computers and phones with internet/and electronic waves support systems can;

1. listen-in to your private conversation without being turned-on/that speaking on it; it can be inside your jacket-pocket and still records and receive your private conversation, making it easier for GCHQ/NSA to log-in and listen in real-time.

2.copy and store your voice and facial ‘distinct characteristics’, that photograph you, scan your facial contours, and record your speech modality.

3. Always locate your whereabouts, and at the same time log your entire history of movements for future use.

These devices can do much more, like storing your conversations and textual past-exchanges, all stored and never entirely cleaned, even when you believe it has been.

they give ‘corporations’ intelligence on your ‘patterns of life’, likes and dislikes, friends networks etc, all useful for market research and advertisement use. While security services get, the cheapest and easy access to you (and in real-time; sort of two-of-you, the telepatic gift).

Well, I will stop here.


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