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The (never was Rise &) Fall of Ed Milliband, K.O.D. (King of Dummies)

I have never pretended to like the present choice of Labour Leadership, that, Mr. Milliband, the Young (Nor the Senior, David, would have made any change of favourable opinion from me, or the others contenders during the last leadership contest; they were all the old ‘New Labour’ school, which is today most appropriately referred to, what it is, the Blue Labour, that, ‘Tories 2.0’, to use the most favoured and widely over-used cliches at the present).

Anyway, let us examine the dummy.

He is so un-charismatic, so dull, so boring, that when he open his mouth, all your think or re-living is some other better places away form the present moment that torment your ears. Yes, he is trying to overcome these defects by undergoing ‘the surgery’, and complete, ‘stephen-fry make-over in the Absolute Power series, episode of the Tory Candidate’; i.e. he has changed his ‘nerdy suburbia’ hairstyle, for more ‘power-cut’, the suits, even the walk, and the in-between ‘gordon-flapping-hands-and-blair-rallying-hands’, Cameronesque new style. But let leave all these pointless and effortless, and worthless attempt for a change that can never be, to be a leader one has to have, by nature not nurture, that little enigmatic ‘x-factor’, and Mr. Miliband has none (nor his brother, or the little thuggy-pitbull ed balls, or many other of the ‘new faces coming out of the shadows’. Those who have this within the party are, for example, David Blunkett, the ‘lady with dont-rock-the-boat’, Harmann, miss-porn Smith, and even Jack Straw, but this list is not quite presentable to the public, as they have all been condemned liable for guillotines, in supporting the B-Lair regime of lies, deceit, corruption and favouritism, and so forth, you name it, they have practised.

Now back to Mr. Miliband’s dumminess, his ‘fast reactions’, to opportunistic events, without thinking clearly of the consequences to follow, hence, i support The Independent argument ‘it is him (miliband) not Mr. Clarke who should be ashamed’. Mr. Milliband has been proven unwise in his inpatience for reaction ever since he has become the new leader of the labour party, all events examined, from condemning the coalition economic measures, which seems to actually work as best as they could, given the circumstances of uncontrollable events and actors effects on the general economic system. His heads-on support for the AV, his Blue Labour support, his ….. and his ….. the list is long for few months of leadership role; the stupidity amazes myself, and I reckon, the rest of you, and the general public. He is fast to pounces, last to out; that he pounce and he stick, rigidly (this is his personal character weakness, the rigidity, and over-self confidence and belief of his understanding without accepting or awaiting for further input, and unfolding events.

If this is the leader the ‘New New Labour Party’ are looking toward for their ‘Re-Founding and Rebirth’, they might as well, contract-out new seats for the opposition side of parliament, as they are in for the long haul. Good Luck!


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