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The American Strategy for The Century: Neo-Isolationism (A Recommendation)

How The United States Can Maintain Its Strategic Positioning Advantage (For The Necessary Good Of The Global Order, Security and Prosperity) In The Global Affairs In This New Century Of Uncertainties And Changing GeoPolitical Balance Of Powers?

Throughout the history of mankind, one can observe the presence of the ‘first among many’, whose strength, magnanimity and fairness has always been tacitly accepted by the rulers and the ruled, in assuring the well-being of the state of the world peace and prosperity. We can go on tracing the historical narratives of these global leaders, from Rome, Athens, Mecca, Vatican and so forth, but this, alas, is not the place. Here we confine and limit our discussions to one of the most present of these global leaders of global societies, The United States of America.

The United States, is the most advanced nation in terms of applying and defining the concept of ‘global governance’, it approaches the issue on par with how it practise it’s own federal republic as defined within her constitution; checks and balances, and consensual politics. This is, a tradition of Wilsonian Politics, has shot the nation to the heights unthinkable by any other past global super monolithic powers. With this practise and approach to international relations, she attained the natural accept and respect of her new responsibilities bestow upon her by entire global society, minus the few (dwindling to less than a few). In short, the Global Society, namely, the World, needs the global leadership presence of stewardess of the United States, but a United State that is fair, stronger and decisive, unfortunately, since as late as 1980s under the Reagan Administration, the United State was abusing, rather than using positively it’s global leadership role, and under all Republican Party Government ever since, the nation has weaken his ‘tacit authority and legitimacy’ of global leadership in the eyes of the rulers and the ruled throughout the world, as it sought that misinterpreted and incorrectly applied concepts of Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism.

It is about time that the only nation in the world that can save the world from it’s own chaos, to rethink by stepping far back, it’s most critical role, as a global leader. But the question that many have attempted, some incorrectly, or falling short of appreciation of facts, or perhaps as a result of own personal-interests, of commercial and others, have rather fatally steered her towards wrong and fatalistic options. So what is it the correct option for a New American Strategy in these uncertain times?

My answer is, the old ‘New Isolationism’.

1. The New Military Strategy

United States need to win ‘perception wars’, and as such by extending and residing herself everywhere, she rather losses this critical psychological aspect of her legitimacy and authority for global leadership. In this age of contracting space-time dimension, surely, the United States can bring and house all her military might within her ‘own spheres of influences’, that, the fifty-one states, plus the oceanic dependent-Islands. From there it can be readied to mobilise and operate to any where needed in shorter term, and with decisiveness in action and speed, ‘hard, fast and out’. No occupation policies, no policing or security assistance policies, but, yes, to the civil assistance programs, as I see it, is one of the nations greatest asset and strength, I called it pax entrepreneurial Model; she booms the decadence, rebuild the competitive resources of the local society through economic development programmes and investment (sort of venturing approach to start-up businesses) and leave the people to rip the benefit of their newly developed wealth. She did it to Japan, Panama, through ‘Western Expansionism’, Germany, UK, and other European states after both world wars, and the Eastern States of Europe after the fall of Communism, and even to Russia, the old enemy, the Middle-east (Iraq is a booming state at the present).

So, the argument, here is, there is no real necessity for a foreign military presence, and with this approach, US can avoid over-extending her military capabilities, straining her financial purse, and at the same time cooling-off ‘external animosity’ toward this ‘neo-imperialism’ claims, and all in all winning the ‘great perceptional warfare’.

But to achieve this United States need to close herself off from hyper-external responsibilities and commitments, economically and politically.

2. The Economic and Political Strategy

The new policy should be US first, US only.

The United States need to concentrate entirely on rebuilding her domestic economy, social and political regeneration. This I will not delve into detail other than arguing that, the historical analysis shows that, every time US took a breather from the hyper-external affairs, that Isolate herself, not totally, of course, but enough, to look and put her well-being first above the rest, the country comes out of this more rejuvenated, with more energy and creativity to share, and wealth to spread. Hence, I see US Isolationism as a strength, not weakness, or non-advisable negative policy.

United States need to cut her extended and old umbilical cord with the rest. She needs to leave the European Affairs to Europeans, cut the British-over-dependency bandwagon, and let the Africans, Asiatic and other Developing states in-charge of their own affairs, with her offering her ‘managerial consultancy skills’ only, in International Politics, Economics, Administrative etc. By undertaking these measures, US will save a lot, as the coffers no longer in bankruptcy state, and her military powers at home and ready for anything, anywhere and any time.

To Sum-Up:

United States needs to Isolate herself from her over-extended, over-demanded, over-supplied and over-dependent presence in International Affairs. Just as the social welfare dependency can create a ‘dependency-culture’, so does ‘foreign welfare’ policy of US, has created an ‘hyper-dependency-culture’ from the rest of the world.

It is time for United State to concentrate on looking after her own national affairs, first and fore most, though, with always an eye on the outside world, only an eye, not physical presence, just a visual presence; if I see you behaving badly, I will come after you, should be the slogan.

The well-being of the United State, is the well-being of the rest of us. It is, hence, necessary and important for all, that now and again, she takes off her shoes, put her legs up and just take care of her own matriarchal affairs at home.


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