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Daily Media Review: Thursday, 19.05.11

Nothing much again. Summer is here, and politics, society and economics are taking their long-overdue holidays as well, so the 24hr media, is going to fill as we so much crap that will be nice for a change, from the ‘serious crap’ of global consequences events, Libyan Propaganda, Political Partisan, and so forth.

Radio 4 Today Programme, had my take on the ‘next big dotcom crush’, I did not give them the story, but seems to be almost exactly what I was saying, take a listen for yourself. RT has an excellent new article on the middle east, ‘staged Osama Raid etc’. The Guardian and David Brooks story is an excellent read, so is his book to come out, The Social Animal (warning: a Conservative point of view), good to understand the ‘conservatives view of the world, society, politics and relations; still based on the old ‘Social Organism Theory’ of Darwinism.

Well, Cheerio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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