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Daily Media Review: Tuesday, 17.05.11

Today is one of those ‘non-headlines’ days, there is nothing out there to discuss much other than few and the obvious of Strauss-Kahn (I called it, Guilty!), and US talks with Talibans as she seeks an exit strategy ( Washington Post) with the head higher (The Osama-Killing-Lie proved ‘not a big buy’;and it has been killed-off itself from the mainstream media). BP-Rosfnet dead-deal (?); the most significant underlying point within this story is the ‘Weakening BP Global Value, Assets and Strategic Positioning’. Once, it dictated foreign and global affairs with an extensive web of alliances, mergers, power and you name it, they were there and commanding. Today, she is running around sniffing the ‘next big replacer’ to hitch her wagon.

Oh, before I go, yesterday there was an excellent three-seconds exchange of ‘truth’ in the media, that is a big deal, between a hack (he called himself so) and a sell-out (she accepted this), on the Radio 4 Today programme, between Mr. Humphrey (the Hack) and Ms. Tracy Emin (the Sell-out revolutionary artists, once upon a time, so the story goes). Anyway this is the three-seconds exchange;

Humphrey: So, Tracey, you accept you are a SELL-OUT?
Tracey Emin: SO ARE YOU?
Humphrey: BUT I AM A HACK! (YES YOU ARE!, and not ‘journo-lingua’ whatever meaning it might have,but the general meaning of Hackness)

I will stop here for the day, and I hope you all have an excellent day, got a counselling session (not myself) but conducting one later. Ta Ta.


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