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Refounding Labour: The Great Political Exodus

Without a doubt Labour Party has a great mammoth of a task in the road towards renewal; another of ‘The New-ism’, this time is ‘The Re-ism’ of The Re-Founding Labour: for new generation it claims, at the head of the ‘task-force’, the old Peter Hain, there you have it from the outset (the culture of our old politics of lies and indifferences still seems to dominate: Campbellianism of New Labour) you get the irony of the effort, and question yourself is it a really genuine need and desire for change or is it the thirteen-years-power-itch that is behind this ‘new new’ drive for ‘change in terms of what the leadership want not what the rank-and-file want’. The dichotomy that has been central to Labour throughout its history. But at times there has been a presence of ‘leadership link’ in these two-characters of the party, e.g. under The Late John Smith The Great, then Blair The Liar, The early years of Ramsay MacDonald with the helpful assistance of the ‘idea-powerhouse’ of the Fabian Society, all these were able to do what seems impossible at the present even with greater new ‘presence’ of that old idea ‘powerhouse’ of the Fabian Society in Labour’s Rank.

There is one thing for sure, this ‘psychological internal syndrome’ or ‘organisational mutliculturalism’ that seems to fail needs first to be rectified, that accepted and dealt with ‘on the coach’. With this psychological divisions, then the party can ‘re-founding’ the party in strength as it were under the leadership of Smith.

And this new ‘refounding’ requires at first to focus on one critical areas that appears lacking at the present, IDEAS. But one can not deny saturday Fabian debate did provide a model, hopefully, for the future direction on this path for ‘refounding’ of our socialist ideas in the new British politics. We are at the present in the very uncompetitive position, we are not trusted, correctly, not liked, as well, and empty with any new alternatives to coalition nightmarish policies.

In short, for now, first psychological rift needs healed between the role of the center/leadership and the rank and file/public, secondly on leadership, whatever we do, strategically, Mr. Millband junior is not a leadership material, but rather ‘idea persons’ behind in the shadows, and we need to replace him with a more strategic long-term leadership on par with Mr. Smith, and my favourite I have not shrinked from saying so is, Alan Johnson, perfect leadership with perfect ‘greek tragedy’ for life. Or others, we need to think of the ladies, Harmann, to much of a an old party-loyalist, not independent, hence weak in the eyes of members, voters and the entire nation. Cooper, she has the fire, I bet and so forth, lets open the debates now, when we have time, to quarrel and make peace.

Well I have to leave it here.


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