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The Libyan Crisis: The Next New ‘Mission Creep’ Phase (Remember the Great Warning)

Remember the warning that I have been repeating within this blog and various other platforms (virtual and non-virtual), that our ‘single-objective governments’ of Anglo-Franco Alliance under the guise of Nato has one goal only ‘Acquisition of Libyan Resources and Wealth’ and never ever Humanitarian thought (they have already murdered at least over 300 civilians and this excludes ‘rebels’ and others unaccounted).

Well, today, the once, moralist of the British Armed Forces, Gen. Sir David Richards, who once defied the Con-Dem Coalition after they announce it was ‘acceptable under UN Resolution 1973 to ‘rid-off’ Gaddaffi’, i.e. Assassination. His reply at the time was ‘No. No. No.’ Now he has changed direction and today he is personally in the fore-front advocating for Nato’s (that, UK-France Libyan Invasion Forces) to ‘go a step further’; meaning, to adopt the assassination policy officially (as if not already in practise) and to start ‘Indiscriminate Extensive Bombings’, Literally (but his words, using military BS language, ‘effect-based strategic bombings’ on ‘core infrastructures and other High-Value structural bases, i.e., Civil-Dependent structures, such as water stations, electricity, communications, transportation, and so forth. To know more, look at the Serbian War).

This is the warning I have been informing the readers to come, that, the greater public have been bombarded in preparation (conscious) with all ‘irrelevant’ and ‘wasteful/dumb’ issues out of the crisis, to be made ignorant, first, of the conflict, and with this conditioned, to not ‘protest’ on any further ILLEGAL ‘mission creep’ that will in the end see full-scale land invasion (I Promise).


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