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The Decline of the Labour Party: @SeemaMaholtra1 Benefit!

I am writing this post for the benefit of one of twitters exchange I had this mornign with @Seemamalhotra1 on the reasons of the Labour’s New Political Wilderness.

The argument is simple, Labour has a number of ‘inherent factors’ that is drifting-them away further and further from the average voters, hence the recent local elections saw none of the gains only ‘the Labour party and activists’ seemed to have deluded themselves of their presence. Let list these ‘inherent factors’;

1. The Weak Leadership, from post-Blair years, first Gordon then Now Ed Milliband, both very weak in personalities, leadership and political character. As one commentator said, and another more recently echoed in terms of US politics of Newt Grinch chances for Republican Nomination for Presidential Elections of 2012, ‘Politics has no place for Intellectual egg-heads, but rather it is a place of showmanship’; Hallelujah!.

2. The Alan Johnson Leadership would have filled the greatest core void in their grand strategic re-birth, putting ‘one of us’ in a sense, a truly working class leader with showmanship skills at the helms, rather than another of ‘indistinguishable elite public school boys’, sort of, once I asked an old woman in the street to name party leaders and showed her photos, she told shoe has no idea who is the leader of which party, or who is even the leader of the country, according to her ‘THEY ALL LOOKED THE SAME TO ME’, preached, sister!

3. the voters, whenever asked about labour, they all agree that they have lost great faith on the party, since the Blair Lies during the Iraq War and before that through their ‘Campbell Spins and Lies’, they saw ‘a typical working-class thuggery’ as one middle-class school teacher informed me. then came expenses, then they were found to be ‘restructuring the british political system for party politics interests than the nation’, as the expansion and centralisation of Cabinet Office, and the few ‘close special advisers’, the bullying, the inward-looking power-driven party that was becoming of Labour while in Power.

All these and more, has seen the British Voters, saying ‘we have not forgotten nor forgiven’, and on top, with the lack of real political strategy for an alternative in policy and direction of the country’s economy and so forth, the voters, are left with the ‘good old reliable tories’ as an option or worse ‘the new small alternatives band’, of greens and independents. Hence, my conclusion Labour will loss the upcoming next GE, and tories will win by great majority, and LibDems, might just split up again, if Cleggy does not go sooner and left the party to rebuiild.

Well, I hope @Seemamolhatra1 it helps, this explanation.


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