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Daily Media Reviews: 13.05.11

Today, we have few excellent pieces, is Friday (and 13th for the superstitious, good luck), and Fridays means market last day (if ever), and last day for the usual hub-knobs of politics and major headlines (I recommend to my readers, you can leave aside all past days readings and just concentrate on Fridays papers to get the outline of what is what, where and so forth).

We have stories of assassination attempts of Mr. Gaddaffi by NATO forces, from being ‘unintended command and control targeting’, excuses to being an outright ‘legitimate targeting’, i.e. assassination policy, not authorised by the UN Resolution 1973 (even when one wants to use the so-called ‘open-to-all’ clause, the statement ‘by all necessary means’ it is still unlawful and beyond the ‘agreed terms’ of the resolution set-out). This time after he appeared in-front of the cameras, three hours later jets were on the air dropping bombs in such identified location; here for those of interest, one should recognise how our western ‘free media’ collide with our state-apparatus to collect ‘intelligence’ for them. This practise has been going on for generations, and we had hoped the ‘independence of our media’ will put it to the end, but it is still applied, as UK-based Daily Telegraph (Tory-supporting paper) and Daily Mail (extremist Nationalist paper, yes, one might even say it is a perfect BNP paper) have enjoyed close ‘contacts and relations’ with security services, exchanging ‘information’ and ‘disseminating disinformation’ on their behalf; mutual benefit sort of relationship. Those who treated this old ‘relationship’, like ‘once upon time’ The Guardian, they were bullied, threatened, blackmailed or even constantly harassed, as they found out during the 1970-80s.

The Independent (UK), has an excellent piece on the new frontline of the future diplomatic conflict, the Arctic wars for the new resources rediscovered laying there (a must read article can be found here: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/revealed-the-secret-battle-for-the-riches-of-the-arctic-2283229.html), another article looks at not-surprising adventure of the Pinnocchio-Campbell, the lying-machine (seriously, how dumb must one be not to appreciate the human character of this disgusting guy, he is so power-driven that as African highest insult say will go ‘He would sell, without hesitation his own Mother’ for the price of power; Do Not Read, but just go to your near-by bookstore or library and look, if they have it anyway!, at his ‘Diaries’, the covers of the paperback, in front it has him ‘directing the PM B-lair, as if he was the real PM’, and on the back it has him coming out of the No. 10 Downing St., as if he was the real-PM. My, oh My! No wonder he had a mental breakdown.). Anyway the story looks at his lies, the government, and the MI6 drawing up of Iraq Invasion (which coincidentally coincided with CIA/Pentagon own effort to ‘pul a Rumsfeld’ of ‘creating a War-Plan and casus belli against Saddam’s Iraq). We were lied to, and we should demand a complete withdrawal from Iraq, not even accept ‘the five mega-bases’ in the country excuses as for the regional stability, but again, we wont. we dont have time, or care, we have been conditioned well to forgive and forget.haha.

The Times (another of les terribles), has a story on Justice Served, about the Nazi war criminal, and says, ”The conviction of an ailing Nazi war criminal shows that monstrous acts will be punished”, I bet you Not (B-Lair, Bush, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Sarkozy, Cameron etc., these war-criminals are still free and will be forever). ”Law is Selective”, my father once told me, and it is the most powerful tool available for the interests not of us, the average citizens, but the rich and the powerful (Hence, my view of the ‘Rule Of Law’ stick it ‘up your kazook’).

The Telegraph has a story on UK ‘Horrors of Division’ (not a good read, but gives you an idea of pro-Toryism aspect of the paper, as it represent Tories policy on Scotland, against Independence, a sort of pre-emptive assault on Nationalism Popularism undergoing in the country, and fears of the UK dis-unification, the argument presented by the author, a ‘scot’, is so-ridiculous it will leave a 5-year old laughing out loud).

The dreadful Daily Mail has the MI6 story for a plot to oust Saddam, and ‘POOR Britannia’ (as I argued on my paper, see it on the pages, entitled ‘Selected Contemporary Political Essays’), and a EuroLotto £107m for the ‘fans’, and ‘non-commercial’ BBC ‘product placement on their programmes’, and perhaps another most ridiculous story of MP expenses this time Mr. Law, the disgraced LibDem MP, whose excuse of ‘fraud and cheat’ acts, was ‘privacy’, the ultimate simple excuse we all love and use, hahahah (just does not add up, how can one goes to lengths to lie and create forged documents and so forth, because, he feared ostracised for his gayness, pleaseeee, they all knew, already. Nothing goes on in the Wisteria, Westminster without all players knowing anything about it, for politicians to journalists!). and then, of course, you can not have a Daily Mail without ‘fear mongering, xenophobism, islamophism, racism and so forth’, so the story of the day is, the ‘Tower Hamlet Talibans’, WOW!!!

I will leave it here for the benefit of UK readers, as for global reviews same all, but fascinating statement for all is this ”bullet went through his eye and out through his ear’, a senator who apparently was shown the pictures of Osama Assassination…mmmm!… ‘through his eye, out his ears’, is it possible???? any ballistic forensic scientists, my experience questions this!


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