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Attached PDF File: Selected Contemporary Political Essays

Please find attached pdf file, a 46-pages document entitled ‘Selected Contemporary Political Essays’, on the Pages Section next to Services Pages, or attached below, or at this direct-link https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/selected-contemporary-political-essays-by-ss-salem/

The document is a personal collections of contemporary political events, discussing issues such as why Lobbying-Power has more staying-&-influencing power in the contemporary political systems, rather the mere voters, as one commentator notes, ‘modern elections are just auctions, bid goes to the highest bidders’. I think it will be much more better and simple if I sort of underline briefly the review of each essays contained within, so, the readers will have pre-ideas of what they are getting into, and what to expect.

These essays as already mentioned are personal views, and does not endorse or solicit any claims of ‘factuality’ or ‘authority’ on the matter and subjects handled. The essays are looked at from a ‘post-modernist’ viewpoint (I like to believe, I am a post-modern creature; critical, questioning, anti-orthodox and status quo approaches and definitions, and seeks to de-construct everything before putting them together, and see if they fit, or just claimed to be fitting). So, please, expect really critical review of the subjects discussed.


This essay creates an argument that modern lobbying industry has replaced the ‘plural-power’ as claimed by pluralist school of political science. No longer does democracy seems ‘even in appearance’ to be a representation of the people’s will, but rather more and more we are coming to accept the other school of thought in the political science that of the elitism, as more truthful; as the powerful in the end have the last word. The case studies are many and brief, but single most prominent is that of the Tuition Fees and the students protests that engulfed the political society in UK only to be defeated, my argument, ‘as they battled the bantons of police brutality, and the harshness of the cold British Winter weather, the Lobbyist were dinning, outing and buying votes; the fate was long ago decided on the Russell Group favor against average students”.

ESSAY TWO: ”On Little Britain”

The argument here is simply, no longer is Britain a great nation of first or even second rate but rather a third-advanced-nation, a model of future ‘under-developed, powerless and poor states’. Statistics and other models and examples are used to support the argument.

ESSAY THREE: ”On Pax Corporatius”

Looks at the new advanced and evolved age of corporate-dominance over our lives, and asks if we have rather moved from ‘national citizens’ to ‘corporate citizens’.

ESSAY FOUR: ”On Perpetual War Not Peace”

The essay explores the human nature, on its natural setting a la Hobbesian Model, more warlike than peace-loving, we seems to try hard to convince ourselves, we are. And provide historical analysis of this phenomenon, and also, state personal theoris on human nature.

ESSAY FIVE: ”On Global Forecasting”
new political essays draft

The essay does just what is says it does, forecasting the near-future, in terms, of what we have been provided with. Arguing, rather being dull and uninformative, the first decade of the New Millennium has actually been very prophetic and has set-out all the trends we need to observe and foretell of what is to come next. This essay divide the examinations on the geopolitical analysis, of how the New Info-Power Asia is to rule over us all. Or How Africa, is to be the single most threatening factor for global security and order. How Latin America is the New North America of our age, the great consumerism society. and also, how middle east will change and change again, with us in loss. An finally, the great next ‘world war’, is to originate, again, from Europe.

I hope, you all, find the reading very insightful, challenging, stimulating and fascinating. And I would love to hear your comments. Thanks.


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