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The Daily Global Media Review: 12.05.11

Today, as any other day, seems to be a slow day for the global media, with no real stories other than the usual nostalgia of the past recent stories, of Osama, the Republican Candidates, the Terrible Spanish Earthquake (my thoughts with the victims and their families, and the country), and the usual bite-and-snap at each others or promoting some technological new wonders, and also, not criticising the Hedge Fund Billionaire in US, whose action is characteristic of the general Wall Street corruption, fraud and unethical criminal behaviour and dealings (I can say this, as I have no editor to check my articles).

But perhaps another story is within one of the UK papers, I will not ‘advertise’ by using their names here, but this paper, has a story on how the ‘rebel’ cities of Libya are putting to use children ‘for the good of their rebuilding’; if Gaddaffi was undertaking such a practice, he will be accused of ‘child labour’, ‘child soldiers’ and ‘human shields’ and so forth. Hence, I tell my readers constantly be very wary of what you read or hear from the mainstream media. These are propaganda-intense with own personal-angle and agendas. Like last night there was a story from the same paper that Libyan authorities (now they accept the authority), was turning a blind eye to ‘dodgy ships’ carrying migrants escaping the violence from Libya. This story can be said, seeks to divert attention away from the Nato failures that led to 600 souls lost at seas.


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