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I thought I should also add these two new sections within my blog, sort of spadoffice chronicles, looking at the headlines, society, entertainment (movie, arts, theatres etc critic and reviews) and so forth.

So, to start with I reckon I will go with perhaps a controversial issue that seems to be ignored by the mainstream media and society, but you can hear it discussed at the micro-social levels; the topic of whether Hitler’s fear of the ‘great Jewish conspiracy’ is a reality in the modern information technology age.

What I am trying to say is the trend of the move towards ‘total monopolisation’ of the entertainment sector by the Jews (I hope it is a right connotation of reference, if not I do sincerely apologise, and kindly ask for a contact in assisting to rectify into more acceptable terminology, thanks.). In the United States itself, the Hollywood seems at the present to be almost 80 per cent owned and managed by the Jews, and seems to be used to communicate and disseminate their ‘cultural values and beliefs’, sort of ‘global Jewish culturisation’, replacing the ‘American Culturisation’ of the twentieth century. One now-a-days can not watch a program, drama, comedy, whatever your choices, without hearing references of Jewish culture and beliefs, the bar mitzvahs, the kosher, the ‘specific shhlangs’ (sticks becomes shticks), the ‘victim-syndrome’ of relieving the holocaust, the Nazi-bashing (still going on), the ‘glorification’ of Israel and so forth.

What does this mean? Even in the UK it is slowly coming out, as one program, not here to advertise so will not name it, is already using leading ‘Jewish Characters’, and their family values. So whats this? Is just a newly-founded freedom away from the old prejudice that Jews experienced in the US and entertainment sector, from having to change their names if they were actors to having their cultural values and belief being more ridiculed, rather than fairly presented, or is it the horrific ‘Hitler’s Nightmare’ coming true? I will leave the debates and discussions to the readers.

In terms of the question of movies, I think Hollywood has been going down hill since around the new Millennium. The films are pure rubbish with very rare few of masterstrokes that move away from the Hollywood ‘extravaganza pomp’ to ‘realism’, reminds me of a sort of artistic movement of realists, of monet, and seurat, those who moved away from the ‘studios’, and into ‘the real world’, the modernists. This can be seen with the Little Sunshine, The Smart Man, Darjeeling Express, and others if I can remember later on will add these.

The Television is no better, I have not watch TV for six-years myself, everything I get from the web, and the programs are all crap, and I prefer comedies, satire, theatrical programs, not series. Few I can recommend will be The Rubicon (Political and Espionage), The Office US (Management: minus the seventh season is getting worse and worse), The Parks and Recreation (Local Politics), Better Off Ted (Corporatism), and I reckon this is it.

On the question, for myself, of rating the US and UK, both Film and TV wise, I would say the former (US) is by no contest the best in artistic masterly, UK seems more bogged down on still the Victorian-Shakespearianism (influence of the leading drama and art schools). If one comes to the Arts, Fine Arts, UK, as I wrote a paper to the local art Council, ‘is Philistinic’ when it comes to the arts, not only in the participation but also lack of real creativity, our great movement, the so-called ‘BYA’, British Young Artists, are so crappy that to visit one of their galas, is like being taken to torture chambers, not tortured, just that psychological expectation of what is to come, itself will kill you. Germans by far are the best of the modern (postmodern) artistic craftmanship, as Holland, France, Spaniards, and of course Italians.

I will leave here at the present, till next time.


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