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My two influential policy-papers: On Preventive-Strategy & On Birmingham Terror-Network

Not so long ago I wrote to policy-papers to two government institutions;

PAPER ONE: ”On How Labour’s Counter-Terrorism Policy know as ‘Preventive-Strategy’ was a big failure with a big Social Consequences’.

This paper I sent to a small ‘away from the media’ office at the Home Office (UK). I never heard anything back since, other than an email of acknowledgement of receipt of the paper by the office. Three Weeks after this, what do I hear? Mr. Cameron standing in front of the Berlin Security Forum 2011 stating actually two sentences from my original paper, that, preventive strategy as a counter-terrorism policy is a failure and creates more social divisions and anger. (I am still awaiting my pay). They copied the ’45 mins’ from a doctorate paper, and I reckon they had me too, cheap bastards!

PAPER TWO: ”On how Birmingham is the single most significant operational base for UK terrorism, after the great raids of London (denial strategy)”.

This paper I sent to the newly formed West-Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit, I had sent some few before, but this one was significant because few weeks after this, they were investigating and bursting up the ‘Birmingham Five’. My argument, here was, how all the lines of communications can be traced and retraced from and back to Birmingham, after the denial strategy implemented by the security services on the greater London. Here, I am also still awaiting to be paid!

Anyway, the point also, is yesterday we were debating what action and reaction, just verbal or posturing might or could be credited in causing hatred and leading to terrorism. While undertaking the research before, especially after the 7/7 bombings in UK, I found out that the ‘boasting’ of certain ‘superior character and abilities’ only can create unwarranted negative reactions. Many academic research support this as other findings, from the media presentation of events, to government actions within and without, to policies discussions and debates, to local social projects and so forth. The sensitivities of emotions on these issues are high on all sides, one action can be blown into thousand pieces, literally, with no pun intended. Oh, I have to leave, the kid is calling.


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