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On The British Politics: UK Local Elections 2011

Well, I guess, even the monkey would have been able to foreseen what was going to happen with yesterday’s UK local elections;

1. The beating that LibDems (actually as a result of Clegg and Cronies insatiable hunger for power) and the two folds effects this might have for the party and it’s base; (a)lose a generation of voters by holding the same line and keeping the same ‘cronies and clegg’ at the leadership or (b) restructure and rebuild on per with the magnificent Alex Salmon’s SNP, and regain the base in short-term, even by next general elections, if seen to be acting decisively.

2. The actual winner as a result of loses of the LibDems is not the Labour Party but the Conservatives Party, and it is this point, that has seen myself arguing that, Ed Milliband has nothing to challenge the Tories for the next GE, as they will this time around collect the majority (because in the first place, the British Voters have not yet forgotten the abuse and corrupt of power under the Labour 12 years rule, and their ‘party-politics’ to ‘national-politics’ outlook down the years.).

3. thirdly, of ocurse, as already stated Labour is not the Winner, nor will it be for the coming years, it has not be forgotten nor forgiven for its abuse and corrupt of the British Political System and Structure while in power, and Miliband is seen as ‘too much of hot air” and not substance, and more ”elitists”, that out of image of Labour Party representation.

4. I did also argue that, they will all take a beating at Scotland and Wales, the latter changed as a result of the lack of strains facing the Plaid Cymru Party, self-defeatism rather than Labour Popularism.

I did set out most of these point while I had been conducting an ‘independent’ study on these and the AV, where by later today we will know that the NO is majority. This is the copy of the study I sent to LibDems;


I conducted the study nationally, from the local liberal stronghold to tories and others. these are the places I interviewed my sample: Bangor, Aberystwyth, Lancaster, Manchester, York, Bradford. Liverpool, Sheffield, Middlesborough, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Leichfield, Grantham, Nottingham, Oxford, Leicester, Birmingham, Luton, London (Edgware) and West Bromwich.

The sample was mixed of ages, retire, professionals, students, registered voters, small business owners, chamber of commerce, rural and urban etc.

The questions asked was on the view of the AV (yes or No) and the libdems form charles kennedy to the present.


1.) I will put my career in line here, but the findings are NO to AV (MEANING, MY PERSONAL VIEW: THE VOTE ON MAY 5th WILL BE MAJORITY AGAINST AV)
2.) On the party, very good views and opinions until we come to the present times.

* under charles keenedy there was alot of trust and confidence for the party as an alternative to the two major parites
* under menzies, there was a cloud of mistrust and unfavoribility as a result of the leader character seen as bullying-type
* under the present leader, mr. clegg and the ”croonies”, as my sample seem to refer to these (cable, alexander, huhne etc), the party has totally lost its bearings:

1. no longer are we seen as an alternative and rather as the ‘big other’
2. voters seems to have still presence of hope to the return of the old libdem way and policies (meaning, there is still hope for effective damage-control)
3. however, the reality of the effectiveness of the damage control require, it does seems, the total decapitation of the leadership (the point of the frustration, hatred and mistrust). from the present leader, to the business secretary, danny alexander, and others, who have been (wisely and strategically clever) poised in front of the press, for all the coalition policies, be it popular or not, and this association of the liberal spokespersons and the coalition policies is harming us more than publicizing our ”work” within the coalition. or even or ”equal status”, or ”play” , power etc (whatever, intended end was supposed to be).

I will stop here at the moment and just jump to personal recommendations.


1. an effort to remove from the screen the ‘faces of coalition’ through the liberal democrats spokespersons
2. the need to distance ourselves slowly from the role of the centre, the leadership clan (of the above mentioned)
3. the slow and progressive ‘voluntary resignations” from the coalition, and to the backbench move, with of course, the role as mentors, advisers and counsels, for the upcoming new generation of rebirth.
4. the party is not the problem nor has it really lost any trust, but rather the individuals, the above mentioned, are the key variables of these negative public reaction and backlashes.
5. and my recommendation goes on, however, one most sisgnificant recommendation should be made before we close; the new leader should be a lady, ros scott, yes, and others should be given chance in the race. why a woman? the essence of natural trust, rebirth and the country has been in need of another maternal carer of the nation since the end of Blair rule.

Pleae, do not hesitate to contact me for any further enquiries and questions. I can be reached through my personal mobile, 07843808545, or this email, spadoffice@aol.com.


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