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Discussing the new international relations ”treaties of alliances”

We seemed again to have stumble upon another new ‘evolution’ in international affairs, this time as the need for the new balance of powers seems to gain the force behind it, there seems also at the same time to be on the rise the new nationalism and the need for ‘self-autonomy’, as we can observe with SNP and Scotland, Eastern Europe, Asia and so forth. As economist will say, to survive the balance of ‘scales’ need to maintain equilibrium of stability upon themselves.

So, as iI have always argued, Britain is to see a step further in its devolution process into a full attempts for a full independence (see the articles below and other works out there). My prediction is, the union will survive as a ‘special anglo-celtic’ traditions of relations, but each states, Wales, England and Scotland (anbd later down the line NI) will all be in theory and practise fully independent of each others affairs, and at times, might be at ‘wars’, trade, diplomatic, economic, even at times threats of ‘special operations’, to force another into coming in line for the ”good of the union”. The same practises can be seen from the EU, will create the natural foundation and roots of the new ‘union’ relations and architectural of structural and legal inter-relations of these entities.

So, again, Scotland will re-map the future of the Great Britain. And again, the south of the United States might in latter future redefine geopolitical nature of the United States, this is my another theory, that, the US might also experience new divisions/sectarianism within its borders, the old South v. North Divisions, under new and old mixed grievances.


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