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Throughout the recent events we have tried to make sense of seemingly very ”picturesque” events surrounding the killing of the Late Mr. Osama Bin Laden by the US Forces in the Pakistan, in a small affluent suburbs outside Islamabad (?). Here is our next big first point of inquiry, Why Pakistan?, and the second is on the question of what happened to the ‘Siamese’ ally, Mr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the old-aged Egyptian doctor, who not only served as his second-in-command, but also as his mentor, his spiritual and religious ulema/guru, his ‘right-hand-man’, that his own special adviser.

First, on Pakistan. Those who know the detail psychological and behavioural patterns of the Osama and his elites ‘hierarchies’ of the organisation, who are at least 94 per cent ‘Arabs’, that from the Middle-East and the reminder, from Chechnya and the Far East, will no how low, very low, that is, they hold their personal opinion of the ”indians” (that individuals from the sub-Indian continent, across, Bangladeshi, Sri Lanka, Indian and that including Pakistan). These ”elites” Arabs command structure have no trust or real faith in ‘the brotherhood’ of these individuals and their countries in their ”Arabian-Muslim” wars for global Islamic Revolutions. So, why with this low-opinion of these individuals and their states, would the command and control structure go into hiding in Pakistan, the state, that epitomise the modern equivalent of the Cold War Era Berlin, where espionage is all around, that one friend of mine once remarked how all one needs to do is close his/her eyes and extend his/her arm and the first touch, there is your spy, if not, a potential to be turned into one. So why Pakistan, with all these numerous potential dangerous factors? They, the establishment, can not, ever, answer this, as they can never answer what happened to Mr. Zawahiri, the ever-close friend of the Late Mr. Osama?

If they got Osama, that the Big ‘IF’, then they must also have got the other, Mr. Zawahiri, but so far we have had nothing on this. This is another area of potential inquiry and to show, the lie, that Must be, surrounding the so-called The Killing of Mr. Osama. There are a lot of issues and points of Inquiries, and I hope as I myself get to dig these up, I will share more and more. Oh Yea, so today, I also heard, to no surprises, of course, that the Obama (oops, typed at first, Osama..hahah, Fox will love it) Administration ‘refuses’ to release the ‘pictorial evidence’ ‘out of national security concerns’, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! But still they will find ”buyers” amidst the ”foolish us”. Another point heard in his interview with cbc or abc,whatever, they all same, was that ”We are SOMEHOW ALMOST certain that we Got Osama”, MMMM???? was this first signs of ”review” of the ”lie”. Oh my. Even if it is, we wont know anything until after elections, since knowing any truth before elections, will certainly spell a defeat for the Democrats and Mr. Obama at the Polls.

Well, I hope you have found this article as the rest informative and intriguing, and I promise to keep you all ‘in the loop’ as events and ‘noises’ are heard. Thanks.


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