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Saving Jessica Lynch v Killing Bin Laden: Pentagon goes Hollywood, Again

Every thing coming out of the ‘story’ of the killing of Osama Bin Laden is creating more questions than providing answer and facts. The last time this happe3ned, it was during the Iraq War 2003, when Jessica Lynch was ‘captured and had to be rescue’ in the daring special operations. We later found out that all that went through was a massive big Hollywood Event Management orchestrated by the Pentagon and Administration, and the M.O. (Motive) at the time was to pump-up the sinking support of the war, the administration and the events coming soon (elections, of course).

So what is it today, that we are ”pumped-up” or attempted to be ‘diverted’ from, with this little ‘make-believe’ tale. Why make-believe, every ops create ‘noises’ and those ‘in the loops’ will always be able to notice, hear and follow these traces of burned out noises produced on per with the ‘global warming’; but this one

(a) was to a ‘perfect’ operation, to create a real doubt in the minds of specialists and ‘in the loopers’.
(a.1.) the ease of the ‘few hours’ contact and the engagement period of time, does not add up to any logic.
(a.2.) the ‘smallness’ of the teams on both side; the invading forces of allies and the defending forces of the ‘key leader’,mmmm?

(b) the ‘clean sweep’ of evidence and ‘cordon-off’ the compound and so forth, the removal of the ‘key evidence of Osama’s body’, with such a massive scaled operation all these can never be ‘perfectly undertaken’ without the ‘fog of war’ coming into play (but we saw none of this ever-present fog-of-war).

(c) the ‘situation room’ feeding, bull crap, no one in that condition is going in with a film, and it is this the concept of ‘filmed operation’ which also create again the pentagon hand into hollywood production.

there is a lot of mis-alignments and illogical facts and evidence, things are not coming together, pieces-are-not-hard to interconnect, that make this operation, a BOGUS DIVERSIONARY OPERATION, and as i argued before;

1. it might be used to justify the exit strategy for allies forces from Afghanistan.
2. It might be used to diverse as away from the Libyan and Middle-Eastern events and their rapid unfolding and effects.
3. It might be used for political propaganda or
4. It might even be used for economic propaganda, hence we saw the dollar-rise up for the first time, yesterday (given a new lease of life, as one commentator said).

I remember my philosopher mother once telling me a single simple lesson that I have lived with throughout my life, ‘Never attempt to inform a Fool, It is a task that gods can not accomplish’.


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