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WHERE IS THE WAR BOOTY? (after ten-years, surely we deserve to see the captured prize?)

The argument here is simple: There has been for a long time since the post-Operation Anaconda on the tora bora mountains against the Al-Qa’ida remnants of the era of Taliban rule, that Osama sustained wounds from the operations were really extreme that they might have cost his life, there after (months or so). This was widely held claims within the intelligence communities and their academic colleagues.

However, today, we woke up to the news splashed all-over the air-waves and later papers, that Mr. Osama was killed during an operation inside pakistan by US team (not mentioning the Pakistani liaison teams). Then just there after there were stories coming out that Mr. Osama was left to lay in peace at the great seas (Islamic? My Ass). If we paraded Saddam, and enemy & a war-booty of less-relevance than the former, why we did not do the same with mr. osama’s body and DNA crap through the media, for all to see? after all it took us ten-years of blood, sweat, toils and money to finally ‘get’ him, why not flaunt our victory? parade it for all to see? Oh come come do not give us that other crap, that, we did not do so, since doing so might incite more terror-attacks!They are nevertheless going to attack back in retaliation, SHOW US THE MONEY, OOPS, I MEANT THE EVIDENCE (our laws require claims to be supported by evidence; and yes, I see, the irony, I myself practising, seemingly same conspiratorial practices. But I am inquiring NOT STATING AS A FACT; I seek Facts not setting out ones, the difference).

Well, the onlky theory left is that after the disastrous ten-years in Afghanistan we no prospect of any tangible results and defeat of the native fighters, the Taliban, we have been seeking ”moral reasons” for exit strategy, rather coming out and say ”WE JUST CANT BEAT THE BASTARDS, SO WE ARE LEAVING!’. To avoid this humiliation on per with Vietnam, we orchestrated ‘an operation’ to justify the ‘end’ of the war on terror, meaning, now we can ‘with our heads high and mighty’ withdraw our brave soldiers from the grave, that is Afghanistan: GIVE US THE TRUTH WE WILL UNDERSTAND, DO NOT FEEL AS IF YOU NEED TO FEED US ALL CRAP. thank you.


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