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OBAMA THE GRE-EEEED! (not sharing the political booty/victory with the political ‘allies’)

Did Obama pre-emptively sought to by-pass the ‘political allies’ of France, Germany and Britain in sharing the political victory over the success of the Killing of Osama?

Gods knows that the Germans (Merkel in particular) could perhaps have used the share of the booty, sorry I meant, political victory over the death of Mr. Osama, as well, as the Conservatives-Led Coalition here in UK, in particular, the two leaders, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Liar, sorry again, I meant Mr. Cleggy with the up coming by-elections and national elections, respectively, there could have been some value of the ‘shared-spoilts’ for the ‘political allies’ of the US in the Global War on Terror. And let us not forget the ‘little Napoleon-wannabe”, Mr. Sarkozy of France and the upcoming national presidential elections, already he is taking a beating in the polss from LePen, (but one might say, he is used to get beatings from gorgeous ladies, meow.ha).

So, In short, surely, the political ramifications of the ‘shared-announced-victory’ could have had or contributed to favourable outcomes for the incumbents Europeans Major allies of the US at their domestic politics level; we could have the noised-Cameron and Mr. Boldy-Hague coming out proud and chesty, ”oh yes, I say, our special elite forces did indeed caught the little naughty ‘raghead’ (yeah the term is used freely in the British inner circles and Military forces)…blah blah blah”. Gods know the ‘special forces’ needed this after the debacle in Libya.

So the question is what happened? Why pre-emptive strike against the political allies in times of desperation? was it becuase the European public was pre-expected not to be naturally shifted by these ‘military success’ as we are more proned to ‘domestic policies’ of relevance, unlike the American-Gung Ho culture as already heard across the world this morning ”USA, USA,USA” (cold-war remnants). What does the reader think?


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