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Leth Thee Propaganda Runneth wilde, I say: Osama’s death, the war, the democrats and the political victory

Congratulations to the extraordinary men and women of Pakistani and US liaison teams in finally tracking down and dealing with the late mr. osama bin laden. Readers dont need me to go into details, as i can not claim to none much in details as the rest, but the media will inform you of their own ‘standard story;, which is playing right about now as I am typing this; one thing is for sure, there is consistency in the narration and presentation of the story. In the Intelligence Community this is ‘troublesome’, but at the same time ‘providing a platform for observable key concepts’ (the who, the where, the what, but not the how, the why, the what next and so forth).

One thing is for sure, the death of Osama is a symbolic victory for the US public and government, and particular, as was always expected, to the incumbent (whoever was to be the sitting president, who get a lot of credit for it). Obama and the Democrats have finally secured their second term victory for the next years elections without a doubt, unless between now and then something more extraordinary happens, then this is the assessment of the winning candidate: Obama 2012-2016 (2016, apparently the end of the US Hegemony, according to financial analysts, as China overtakes the US as a global economic power).

There are many questions and issues, that the death of Osama has opened up, but to be sure, one can state, he was never a real tangible within the very concept of Al-Qaida (My final Thesis was Al’Qaida: An Art Of War. I refused to see the concept as a systemic value, that an organisation, and approached it as, ideological value, as a power-doctrine). There is Zawahiri, the main power-base within Al-Qai’da, the Egyptians Elites, as they are known within; these were the original architects of events sorrounding the 9/11, Madrid, Bali, East Africa and so forth, or what in the community and academic world is known as the ”Far-Out/External Doctrine” of Al-qa’ida, meaning seeking to bring change through attacking the western powers who support the islamic regimes. THus this doctrine hoped was to weaken the western support of the local regional muslim regimes, before assaulting the latter (the divide-and-rule version, mediocrity!). Osama, as the the original architect of the idea of Al-Qa’idais, the Palestinian, Dr. Abdullah Azzam, belonged to the other school of the thought, that change should be sought ‘internally”, through small efforts of humanitarian and interventionist support of muslims in troubles, through the employment of not terrorists tactics but rather highly trained mobile expeditionary forces, as those sent in to the Balkans, Chechnya, Somalia, the Philipines; these were the first experiments with this ”expeditionary forces”, or part of the infamous ”brigade .55”.

In short, Osama’s death is only symbolic and only at US citizens, and it is not really tangible as the real key players still out there, and might strike back for many reasons, for examples, 1. competing for the ‘symbolic leadership’ command left by the death; 2. retaliation for the Muslim’s show-off, the Propaganda War; 3. they might finally feel freed from the key final player of the ‘internal school’ and are now left free to ‘their will’ with external terror force; and so forth.

To reiterate, Osama’s death is nothing other than a political victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But my personal congratulations to the personnel involved in this highly risky and daring mission, only to be used, shamefully for political ends (WE THANK YOU!).


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