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Operation Unified Protector (NATO ops in Libya): Version II of The 1953 Operation Boot in Iran

”In 1951 Iran’s President Mussadiq nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, in which Britain had a 50 per cent share-holding. Subsequently, diplomatic relations between Britain and Iran were ruptured and overt Military intervention was briefly considered. SIS developed plans for Mussadiq’s overthrow and replacement by the exiled Shah”.

Richard J. Aldrich, Intelligence Historian.

The quotation comes from one of the first ever international and intelligence historian to be given access to the old British secret services archives, and so went on to document these in his book, Espionage, Security and Intelligence in Britain 1945-1970. Further examination of any documents of Operation Boots of 1953 for overthrow of Mussadiq does clearly shows paralleled similarities between this operation and the present undergoing NATO’s Operation Unified Protector in Libya, minus the absence of full French involvement (other similarities with Operation Iraqi Freedom might be comparable in future, after the release of the classified documents surrounding the event).

Another quote that is fascinating comes from a former SIS Officer-in-charge of the case initially, who in his memoirs, Something Ventured, wrote;

”Not wishing to be accused of trying to use the Americans to pull British chestnuts out of the fire, I decided to emphasise the Communist threat to Iran (this was during the Great Red-Scare Age) rather than the need to recover control of the oil industry”.

C. M. Woodhouse, SIS Officer-In-Charge.

Well, I will leave you here, and Hope for those relentless to learn and be informed, they will conduct personal independent research on these areas closely to see what is the over-riding ‘strategic goal/end’ that took us into a sovereign state affairs.


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