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The study of Muammar Gadhafi is too long, and here we do no justice to the subject, however, I, the author of the study, hope that, by presenting an authoritative picture of the figure as he real is, than what we are informed to believe, I can compensate on the injustice set out.

Why My study might present itself as an authoritative piece on Muammar Gadhafi? This question I will not venture to answer, as a result of many reasons, but all that I hope is for the readers to take into the account the nature of ‘narrative’.

I have wrote some few pieces below on Libya, and through these I have looked at, in some brief detail, the personality of the Libyan Leader. M. Gadhafi, far from being mad and irrational, is actually one of the most intelligent modern stateman to be living. He embodies the old spirit of statecraft of French Diplomats, Prussian-Bismarckian and Metternichian traits of statecraft. As I like to say, metaphorically, ‘even Machiavelli, the architect of Renaissance realpolitiks, would envy his abilities and seek apprenticeship with the master practitioner, Mr. Gadhafi’. This statement I stand with fervently.

Gadhafi has seen it all. He has prepared his great ‘maginot line’ for ages, awaiting for the onslaught, as now under way against him, from the western states; with precision of probability targeting, of who might be his future enemies in the battlefield, the Anglo-French Vanguard, has always been in his focus, and the ‘little reserve forces’ of the Italy, mostly embittered by the old historical memories, and of course, since, the rise of US, he has kept the latter on the ‘contingency plans’, as not a key player, but rather, more of a ‘force multiplier’. M. Gadhafi has been preparing and stimulating war games on this exact ‘template’ (IPB, for ‘in the loopers’). Gadhafi has been dealing with the so-called ‘rebels’ since the ‘great Libyan Revolution’, and more extensively, and with ‘present advantage’ since the september 11 and the war on terror (when they were once ‘terrorist groups, affiliated to Al-Qaida, and known as ”The Al-Qaida in the Sahel region’. In short, he has an advantage of great psychological and physical intelligence on the ‘new rebel’ enemies, supported by the ‘old western enemies’; the battle for information superiority, as the military cliques would say, he has the most upper hand, as the result of the knowledge of the locality, the intelligence and preparation for the exact this ‘war scenarios’, and also, for local moral African support he does appear to posses, and finally, perhaps most significant of all, the WILL TO SEE IT THROUGH.

This is my study of Muammar Gadhafi. As an Intelligent, and well-positioned player in the present Libyan Crisis. And to end, I would say, ‘the apple does not fall far from the tree”, meaning, his son, possess similar traits that his father inhibits; so let be careful, saying, or expecting, if we cut off the head (he is an hydra), it will be much easier: Analysis does not think so!!!!


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