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Events are taking off,literally away from the command and control of the ever present wily of the western states in the middle eastern affairs. Now, the locals, the old regional powers are regaining and finding their new diplomatic and political voices in the region. Iran, Turkey and Egypt have been busy working together behind closed doors away from the preying eyes and ears of the western powers, in architecting a new grand strategy for the middle east under their command and control.

The new powers of the big three are easy to be seen from all vantage points, from the recent Hamas-Fatah Talks, Libyan Affairs, Syria, Iraq, to Sudan, and other places. The Jewish amidst the Arabs are feeling the air of uncertainty forming above their heads, before the storms to let lose, what is next to be? Is the question that is unanswerable to all observers, analysts and western statemen.

Is this going to happen? What will the western power do next, divide-and-rule as usual?what about the Jews amidst?and what is to come out of any successful grand strategy of the big three? These are the questions that can not have a single answer but many hypothetical venues and opinions, as in the end, only the key players in the global affairs at large will decide what is to come next?


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