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The ‘Real Middle Eastern Revolution’: The Hamas-Fatah Union

We have already discussed and debated how in the more recent months we have been preoccupied and engaged on the events unfolding in the North Africa and Arabian Peninsula, what most refer to as the so-called ‘Jasmine Revolutions’, but without a doubt, the greatest event to proximity of actual revolution is the one taking place right at this moment in the old ‘Muslim Heart of Modern Struggle’, The Greater Palestine, between the two divided factions who were more responsible to the lack of unity and progress towards self-autonomy and even regaining of some of their old lands from their neighbourly occupants, Al-Fatah and Hamas.

This Revolution at the core of Muslim Heart will, if to actually happen, really set the final phase of ‘other minor revolutions acceleration’. To understand this argument is to understand what Palestine has meant to a Muslim.

Palestine has been seen and used as the model of ‘external struggle’ beyond the barriers and divisions within the Muslim Society, every act behind some form of political protests or struggles within the Muslim Societies has used and employed as a justification and a driving force the Palestine Struggle. And today, if this union is to really happen, then not just the Palestinians, but the entire Muslim Communities of the World will have regained a psychological boost of hope and direction, akin to Karl Marx’s ‘Unconscious Conscious Awakening’. The ultimate Muslim renaissance.

Of course, I wont go into the consequences for others on this union, but, sadly, as I have already mentioned and discussed in some depth somewhere else, for the Jews, this is their most significant challenge and threat to ever existed since their first self-proclaimed independence of the Greater Palestine Lands.


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