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The Conservatives-Led Coalition Finds The New Labour ‘Spin Mojo’

Yesterday at the parliament as many will no doubt remember as the result of the extensive bombing sound-bites that followed from our media,of the so-called ”Winniegate’ or something, in short, when mr. Cameron remarked to one of the Labours ‘females list star’ (this apparently is not sexist) to cool it (I will not repeat the ‘bite’, or as I like to call it ‘the littlejibe’, to reduce myself to the levels of the mediaocracy).

Suddenly, the whole mediaocracy were yesterday ‘ultra-feministas’, in support of women’s right, yeah right! hike their pay to equal the men’s; increase their maternity leave with pay; shorten their working hours on basis of job-share to have family life and role; and so forth and forth.

Anyway, again, what was missed, or ignored by our mediocrats was the national interest debate of whether the parliament should re-examine in details the latest ‘unilateral’ government conduct on the Libyan Affair, with the recent so-called ‘mission creep’ of deployment and mobilisation of ground troops to Libya in support of the ‘rebels’, and (2)the legitimacy of the targeting of Mr. Gadhafi, as a legitimate target of ‘assasination policy’, and finally, the (3) rhetoric of arming the ‘rebels’ and so forth, but no one seemed to have thought of discussing these issues.

My theory, hence, the conservatives-led coalition have found in the New Labour Spin, a tactic of ‘quieting down’, or ‘pre-occupy’, or ‘feed’ the mediaocrats with what they ‘live for’, ‘extra nuggets of sound bites’, hence the littlejibe occupying the entire day, yesterday.


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