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Today,if one is to have a discussion with Muslim groups and communities throughout the world, there is one theme that seems to come out ‘God has given us a new hope’, not for ‘freedom’ as the disillusioned west sees it, but rather, the hope to ‘lay their new foundations of unity’, through free training, free ‘combat experiences’, as it was during the 1970-80s Afghanistan, and ‘freedom’ of ‘ideological re-alignment’. This is the ‘freedom factor’ that is rising out of the chaos of the present Middle-Eastern Crises.

They might have started as, passionate ‘western-desired’ ways of lives protests, but once in the thick of chaos and blood, and the ‘invincibility feeling’ (as experienced in Afghanistan), the start-up goal (the business plan) changes through new psychological reinforcements, personal historical, cultural and religious emotions, and of course, the ‘Hannah Arendt’ psychosis kicks in.

Whatever we want or hope to believe of what is to be next of these events, the pro-westernism, is far from the truth, of what is to come out of these present chaos. The old players and the new players are interacting in creating a channelling hope of attaining their historical goal[s]; unity, anti-westernism and new metamorphised religious revival amidst the world awashed by secularism and western consumerism.


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