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I thought I might as well jump start before more of my ideas get hijacked, or the illusion of so.

Anyway, the argument here is simple.

When one observe hyper-activities from one bloc and lesser activities from another, by the laws of logic is, there is something happening, and as it is at the present, the western hyper-activities and self pre-occupation and meddling with others affairs, is the sign of final onslaught at retaining whatever shreds of ‘influence’ and ‘powers’, or even ‘roles’ we have had within these localities. Hence, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and other not easily publicised regions, as we attempt to regain ‘spherical influences over these backyards’; we believe to have been ‘manifestly destined’ for ourselves.

However, there are new very clever and very patient and shadowy (playing behind closed doors, rather criminalism) powerful states that are marshalling energies from their own ‘spheres of influence’ in terms of proximity to borders, cultural and social ties, or economic relations and so forth. for example, we have seen the BRIC bloc, but we are not observing the shadow new balance in the middle east centering around Iran (since the age of revolution of Khomeini, Iran has attempted to extend its influences within the region, and now it does seem like it is succeeding more than ever).

so in short, for the present discussion, there are four key new ‘non-western; blocs, with inter-linking commonality in the strategic interest, the increasing of their global stature and role, to that of western powers (that replacing the latter as key major players on the international affairs). These blocs are, The BRIC, the African Union, The Chavez Latin Socialism and the Iranian-Turkey(though the latter is yet fully committed, seems to suffer from a bipolar condition, European or Islamic) Middle Eastern bloc.

I will stop here.


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