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I have, and I believe most of the rest of you have as well, observed the seemingly increasing unpredictability of meteorological events. The seasons seems to come and go earlier than there usual expected months and days, as winter seems to start early, and the grim January, seems relegated to grim Late Nov-Early Dec days; Spring, oh well, just take a look at the recent weather (Living Summertime in Springtime; has a musical ring in it, par ‘The Producers’, Springtime in Germany). But really what is going on in here? Is it the case of the ‘Global Warming’? O r is it just the case of our old Gregorian Calendar no longer is suitable to the modern new age of cosmology (where are we now, is it the age of pisces or something, I believe, we are coming out of the former, right?)?

My argument is, our antiquated Gregorian Calendar needs restructuring to keep up with the changing meteorological shifts in the universe. There is one calendar which seems more apt to the modern changes, The Muslim’s Calendar, which is entirely based in the changes of the cosmological re-alignments of the moon and the stars. Thus, according to this Islamic calendar, people observe the changing seasons and calendar month through the changing nature in the shape of the moon.

Anyway, I wont go into scientific observations, as I am no authority, nor will I claim to be so, and live the debate and discussion among you the readers and the scientific communities at large.


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