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As a result of seemingly hot-debate that ensued post-human intelligence discussion, I thought it was natural and should also take the opportunity to complement that aspect of human beings, with the other hot issue of our natural or nurture-al debate.

Well, as the heading of this article portrays this essay is Hobbesian, since I believe among the few, he was correct, as the Greek Humanists and dramatists to provide us with the real innate/in-built characteristics of the general human nature; selfish, aggressive, untrustworthy and above all, in constant ‘state of nature’, that competition with those around themselves and their overall environment (Promethean).

My own theory is that 98 per cent of human nature is innate, and the remaining 2 pc is as a result of external influences and variables such as cultural values and ideals (the so-called ways of life), education and socialisation and relations. However, most of us, do what I term as ”reversal engineering of human nature”, that, they try very hard to force the 98 pc innatism to be observable as ‘social engineering’, that nurture, with ‘hope’ of ability to ‘control and command’ this ‘learned’ nature, while the 2 pc nurture as nature. Whatever hard we try one can always observe the really nature of another through various mannerism, from behavioural patterns, verbal expressions to reactions and approach to life, but my own ”unique tool” is the WALKING. I can correctly deduce another’s characteristics and personality from his/her walk; one can attempt to train oneself to ‘walk like a leader’ or with ‘authority’ or so forth, however, just like any other ‘tools of observations”, one’s walk will at one time revert back to his/her natural pattern and thus giving away the greater hidden, or should correctly say repressed, nature of their personality. (Yes, I am also a practising Psychoanalyst; My Father was one, a Jungian Analyst and My Mother a Humanist and Nietzschean Philosopher).

Human nature is natural and non-repressable. It can be twinkled with here and there but I advise my clients it is best to accept it and rather attempt to control it, rather than manipulate it; like international relations human nature is a Hobbesian ‘state of nature’.


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