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I believe in the old philosophers focal point of their major contention on the subject of epistemology, i.e. theory or philosophy of knowledge, that between the rationalist and the empiricist, and the answer lies in between, or as Kant argued ‘synthetic’ knowledge; the mix of the experience (for me, personally, the greatest single tool of advanced intelligence/or to others genius-ism) and that of reasoning, as the result of knowledge of the books.

Here is my secret to increasing ones own intelligence, always place yourselves to new experiences, but also make every strongest efforts to learn through observation and participation. Secondly, read classics (you heard me, right), there is no works of statute in significance to the understanding and development of human nature than the good old Greco-Roman Classical Literatures, Histories, and many other works. For Me, one work really changed my intellectual outlook, Prometheus (and their is only one book for this, written by an ultra-racist Yale professor, Eric (Something), only 53 pages, but absolute mind-exploration. Highly Recommended. Other works of course, American Literatures, fantastic master pieces, as you read you will live the history of the American state itself from conception to the present, I believe two-volume Norton is the best (was once, my personal bible), and Emerson Waldo, excellent to the level of beyond brilliance in particular the essay, Self-Reliance, though, I find His counterpart, Henry Thoreaux to be Highly overrated.

Other reading material, anything on military, and of course, the great window to the past, present and the future, history. Business studies, haha, my friend calls these as Most Bogus Awards (MBA), and, as most will know, my view of the so-called management consultants or experts, is their are modern shamans, with ‘big words and concepts’, with nothing new, Mr. Porter is trying hard to sell his new ”invention”, apparently goes by the name of ”Social Value” (Add Value) now this. Philosophies, Eastern and western are eye and mind opening works, but watch out as always for the self-prophecies and marketeers, as Bernard Russell et al. Politics, you might as well read media/journalism studies, it is full of self-promotion and dominated by the ”knowledge Manufacturing industry” of the state and academia, i.e. it is full of crap. Mathematics and science are beyond my rich but envy of my will. Psychology, management consulting, in guise, full of shamans and prophets, but good place to the understanding of human nature.

Well, I guess I will stop here for the present. Thanks.


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