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The crucial local and devolved states elections are in a fortnight time, and one can bet the usual suspects will again contest for the prizes. This is because, the higher levels of British Apathy in Politics means that there lacks a real ‘independent’ coalition of rainbow, so to speak, that, a mix of independents and the smaller parties, like the Green Party of Carol Lucas, UKIP, The Respect Party, The less-extreme socialists and communists party, all these, if ever, for example for the upcoming next General Election, really come together, from this very moment, no time like the present, and iron-out their intrinsic differences, and a ‘real national interest manifesto’, with less extreme versions of the three major parties (all at the present are right-wing, it does not matter what their traditional platform or beginnings are), then, and possibly, only then, this ‘British Version of US Tea-Party Minus Right-Wingism’, can actually, really with greatest possibilities of 4/7 chance, bring a real British Political Revolution, in the Electoral Segment at least.

There is a Jury Group that seeks to provide assistance to would-be independent candidates, however, as with a weakness, that is defining, or imposing the ‘set of policies’ as they judge to be worth their assistance and commitment. If they can be flexible on this, and even fund-raise for financial support of the would-be independents, there is a greater chance of many coming to their sounds of horns.

At the present, as it were always, the British Politics needs, nay, requires, a greater ‘political market’ competition, the deregulation of electoral reforms, to a more greater support for the smaller and independent candidates; the complete abolishment of ‘electoral register’, people, especially, those in the low-social ladder fear, or have innate revolusion to this, as a tool of ”tracking down” and ‘privacy issues”, from their debtors, marketeers and so forth. Other reforms, increasing efforts of public education in the political processes and participation, and many other factors that can be considered, which can bear a great deal of weight in forcing a positive change to our political systems and structures at all levels.

But, the question is, Where is our tea-party??/


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