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Who has heard of a new, at least I think it is, US TV series, called the Rubicon?

The Plot in a nutshell is of a publicly-funded intelligence management centre, called The American (Something) Society, the old Cold-War trickery of think tanks as intelligence and espionage centres of analysis and productions. Anyway, coming back to the main plot, surrounds the centre’s shifty dealings with major private corporations in the US, providing these private firms with first-hand intelligence on the ‘world goings’, thus providing them opportunities to taking advantage in exploiting shifting seismic changes in the global financial, economics and political environments. A sort of ‘high-politics speculation’, similar to financial sector’s own practise; where insiders ‘auction to the highest bidders (the likes of Mr. Gecko of the Wall Street Film) for Critical Financial Intelligence/Information’. Where you see sudden hyper-activities in the market and stock exchanges as speculators buy and sell trying to manoeuvre and putting to use the information for greater returns on investment; the greatest added value of their competitive advantage (the information).

So, coming back to our little fictional TV series, The Rubicon, Could we ask ourselves, if this fictional (and reality at times; books on the intelligence services of the western world are full of tales of how the MI5/6 or CIA and other equivalents sells their ‘intelligent products and services’, while still employees of the state, to the private ‘national’ corporations, for the good of the national interests. We hear of the BP internal connections, The Banks, and other critical infrastructures private firms to the ears and eyes, and mouths of these services), so today, are we seeing an open play of ”The Rubicon” in front of our eyes?

Why today’s act might be different from the traditional old -aged activities of selling and buying of ready-available (and just about to happen) events information, are we today, manipulating global events, that seek to defeat, Adam Smith’s ”Free Hand of the Market”, by orchestrating and architecting deliberately and consciously these seismic global shifts and events, for the greater good/benefits of the private ‘national’ corporations?

Have we moved from spectators to players?


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