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At the present we have heard a lot of the concept of ‘mission creep’, from the media to the greater establishment, that we are actually ”exhausted” and ”do not care anymore”. Well, this is the goal of the concept, that is, mission creep; the conditioning of the public for their ends, and this (that the end at the present for Libya), is the need to lessen public ”outcry” and interest in what is actually ILLEGAL action, beyond the UN mandate, even with the all-open clause of ”by all available means”.

The Military Establishment utilise this tactic, as the political establishment through the use of public relations experts and spin doctors, to condition, that the former, the military, on their new recruits through well-crafted ”phases” of indoctrination and training, that sees the mix of physical punishment and exhaustion (rewards here, is the few ”free time”, you are left to masturbate your brains out!!; physical reinforcement), and mental exhaustion/punishments and reward. At the present, and more recently, lessons learned from the war in Iraq of 2003 is to ”feed” or ‘conditioned’ the public in ‘phases’, as with the new recruits, to slowly with ‘tacit ignorance’ accepting ‘the slowly unfolding and introduced new levels in the use of force”, at the present, we started with ”the failed diplomatic contact”, special forces, IT and communications equipments, ‘mercenaries and training programmes, and today, we are introduced to the next level of the war (yep, OUR NEW WAR; and we are apparently, bankrupt as a country, almost), the ‘sending of 10, that ten, officers, with undefined numbers of foot soldiers/infantry/special forces, not really told yet; we will get our next feed when the establishment deems to be the correct time).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what mission creep mean? The effort to manipulation and condition through psychological programming and media use, the greater national public in committing our armed forces into deeper and deeper in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, with a commercial interest for our corporations. Libya, as I said it yesterday, is not a war (yes again, WAR), of national strategic interests (as Afghanistan was, but like its predecessor, the Iraq War of 2003, Libya is a war of national commercial interests (where the flag follows the trade, to put it in the language of Foreign Office, the key players at the centre of this new Middle Eastern Debacle).


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