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A lot is going on in the world at the present, from the economic crises to political violence, from ever growing natural disasters to poverty, inequalities to exploitation, and so the list of compare and contrast goes on, and on, but alas, with lack of energy, enthusiasm, time and capabilities, here we wont delve into these but rather point to one little nightmare lacking in the shadows of our, western, societies, the new age of intelligent, flexible and highly adaptable sleeper cells. These are not just Muslim-inspired shadow-warriors, but a mix and pick, that include the anarchists, socialists, communists, new ‘virtual-geek-warriors clan’, state-sponsored saboteurs and agitators, to anti-globalists, green-warriors and so forth. The growth in the proliferation of these groups has been made easier with the ease of the availability of the knowledge and tools for these actions; from the internet (indoctrination, teaching materials, inter-communications and so forth) to the vulnerability of these IT systems and their dependencies by many of our government users, to the cheapness and ease availability of ‘little WMD’, made of home-based materials.

But the most critical of all, is the difficult of identifying these new threats, if ‘New Terrorism’, of Muslims, is hard to track and contain, then these new ‘one-person sleeper cells’ are to be the most harder of them all to date. Big States are not an easy target anymore, to fight, or to even decide, in the first place, to declare or go to war with a traditional state, is suicidal, expensive and unthinkable. However, there is always a way to target and draw of the energy to your acceptable level the powers and abilities of the states, from guerilla warfare, terrorism to other criminal activities, but even these at the present, does not present a good option for these actors, so what next; maximum effect-based action by minimal efforts and cost—organic sleeper cells, advanced, disciplined, highly intelligent, and most importantly, unidentifiable.

These cells are, this is my personal assessment and viewpoint, I believe, already setting ‘bases’ within our societies (forget about the old enemies of cold war, in the likes of Russians and the Anna Chapman story, or Iranian and such).

The different between the organic sleeper cells, as I present, and the traditional sleeper cells, as we are used to, and easily identifiable (somehow); these OSC are self-created ‘sleeper cells’, affiliated only through doctrine, shared beliefs and values, and ideologies. There is an absence of inter/intra communications, hence, the difficult of identification and tracking, and also, they never physically met, or even be associated with others, hence, lack of any physical evidence; that not a bleep on the radar (from relational activities and exchanges). These never visit radical or other virtual or physical meeting sites, nor in anyway can be fingered as to be associative with the ‘identifiable others’.

This is the new western front for the security services and the states.


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