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Since today’s The Independent Article on Lobbyists and Whitehall, I thought I should try to explain the other aspects of trading, where stocks are policies, suppliers are lobbyists, customers are all who can afford it and producers are the Westminster Corporation, BrusselsCorp, WashingtonCorp, UNCorp and you get the picture.

Here, the dynamics of inter-play are simple enough even a fresh journalism student can understand (not a pun-shot on journalism, after all, they are also one of the key players in the whole system, as a buyer, seller and the middle men; hence, as expected one will never see a real effort to investigate and debate in public the ‘tales of horror’ within these powerful centres of exchanges).

Anyway, if one is a retired civil servant or any public servant (if any), then these groups of individual, as independent or through former connections, are provided with great opportunities of still be able to play the power-game from the outside of the power-corridors. So these, provided their ‘expertise’ in the knowledge of what or how the system ‘really works’, i.e. behind doors not openly to the public (through the media). They are very expensive individuals, meaning, in order to ‘buy’,oops, I meant to say, in order to ‘negotiate’ a deal of consensus with those in the steering-wheels of power, then ‘unlimited capital’ needs to be available, from entertainment, ‘gifts’, oops again, I meant ‘goodwill exchanges’, to surveillance reports (to find that ‘personal asset’ that can ‘turn’ one’s opinion in their favour, non, non, non, not ”blackmail” (ha. In the West we have ‘more civilised and acceptable’ terminologies and references for ‘negative behaviours and action’, corruption is ‘fraud’, blackmail is ‘arm-twisting’, greed is ‘industrious’ and so forth).

Anyway, the ‘cases’, or ‘projects” once identified ‘will require’, apparently, huge funds for logistics, sub-specialist-contracts (NewsCorp & private investigators), etc.

So this is the 101 of Power-Trading at the Westminster (Washington, Brussels, New York etc) Stock/Power Exchanges Centre. There is no ETHICAL LOBBYING!!!!!


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