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I wrote a piece within a small compendium entitled ‘ A Selected Collection on Contemporary Political Essays’, and the last essay, A Global Forecast, I wrote, with a hint of self-vindicated prophecy, that the Middle East will suffer an exhaustive and but less bloody political violence, not revolutions (as at the present, again, largely as a result of media soundbites and spin, known as the ‘Jasmine Revolutions), that will be, and this is important, hijacked by extreme ends of Islamic Elite Political Groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt with it’s many affiliates across the geo-strategic landscape of the North Africa and Arabian Peninsular, to the Caucuses and finally the crescent will end at the tip of the Indonesia Islands of Southern ends of the Pacific.

Above, outlined is the ultimate realisation and dream of these groups, the unity of the Muslim People or Ummah as it is called, that will bring about all Islamic lands under one rule, the system of rule, unlike the western mis-interpretation of under one tyrannical ”amir’, that the leader.

Khalifah, the Imperial Islamic State, is a bureaucratic system of government, with a socialist centralised system of state and administration, and with an extensive and unprecedented structure of a welfare state, and that which is absolutely anti-capitalist,hence, socialistic essence of it’s government.

This done. The New Muslim Unification, will be a defining phenomenon on par to the Germanic Unification of the 1860s under Bismarck. It will shatter the existing balances of powers, and by doing so will tilt the greater global relational powers to the favour of the New Eastern Bloc (such as the BRIC), under the leadership of China and Russia, as for India, it will be a threatened state, as a result of ‘innate’ centuries of hostilities. Another state to lose greatly, and perhaps to the point of a complete eradication, is the state of the children of Israelites, Contemporary Israel.

This newly founded unity will exist for few centuries before the old divisions and greed will again arise within, and it is this new dis-integration which will be more violent and with greater strategic concerns for the rest of the world. The new lines of divisions will be based not in territorial or tribal scale, but rather in the ‘schools of thoughts’, sectarian; Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Kurds and so forth.

At the present, for the present concerns, we can, as we are, attempt to influence and control events and their outcome but in the end, taking the lessons of Bismarck, ‘it is events that define us, rather than the other way around’; Promethean effort to dominate and command his/her environment is still not a reality. The Muslims, the extreme, will hijack these ”revolutions”, and in time, they will, ‘connect’ themselves into a single body, for survival, for historical goals, and necessity.


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