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Well, I promised the next part to the discussion in the ‘New Anglo-Democracy Model’, outlined below. This article is a part of the general discourse on this debate, and gives the specific point of why My argument is for a full decentralisation of power to local ‘state’, that counties and the new ‘city-states’, where the practice of democracy is to be revived to its fullest essence and application; the rule by, for and to the people.

This article argues, or follows up on that old Greek argument that democracy is relevant only to small ”numbers”, that the governing of the very few, within specified boundaries. The Greeks even gave us the specific numbers to be within and not beyond the 5000 citizens, that, a city-state governing this number will be able to engage with them directly and in a more ‘natural popular democracy’, as it should be practised. This is impossible today, hence we find, what theorists refer to as the ‘democratic deficiency’.

Democratic Deficiency, can be observed when the state, or the governing entity is smaller to the governed, that the centralisation of government is in the hands of small bodies, concentrated far away from the communities, and direct participation, that no longer can citizen affect the outcome and the shaping of policies and decision-making. This is more observable within the juggernaut that is European Union at Brussels, unaccountable, greater centralisation of power and unjustified authority, and suffering, in general, acutely with democratic deficiency.

Demographic changes require political and social changes to governing institutions and governance itself. It is a mutual and synchronised machinery or body, that sees small state (devolved powers to counties, fully) correlating with the natural rise of higher democratic participation and practises, while, bigger states (over-populated, and over-centralisation of power, as contemporary), seeing higher levels of acute democratic deficiency and participation.

Above argument is why my previous articles argued for full devolution and independent system of county and city-state powers of governing, to create small government with greater democracy.

Size Matters in the end. Small entities are more capable of practising real democracy than massive over-populated states and their centralised governing systems and structures, not only does the latter, fail in democratic efficiency but also risk, what I refer to as the real nightmarish probability of future breakdown of the entire system, hence on encounters political violence, dissatisfaction with the governing bodies and classes, and also, this in the end leads to what revolution theorists, simply calling Revolutions; the destruction of the old for the new.


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