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Thanks for all the emails and exchanges of ideas, and interest on this subject as many others, and for those awaiting the long overdue Part III of New Democratic model, it is coming, just a little more patience.Ta.

Now, coming back to this debate of why I believe there is an absolute absent role for the heavy to mid-sized platforms in the built up terrain ops, well these are very vulnerable to fire, and costly to human life and costs. And just to leave it less detailed these have no role in urban operations other than to hold and control cleared areas, and as the very, that very last resort options, for extraction of the heavily wounded and critical personnel or for dropping and supplies, and all to be carried out under the darkness of the night, or weather permitting, of fogs etc. An the role should be taken by the special Air Units, for special ‘daring mission’. extractions can be limited to ingenious heliborne arm, applying the same principles as those of docking on the aircraft carrier for fast income jets. stretch a line at the top of a building strap and connect to the injured personnel on the special ”stretchers” placed on a 45 degree lever and the fast income helicopters or whatever crafts with an extended hook on par with those used by the special rescue teams, of Prince William, for example, comes in identify and seek to ‘connect’ and ‘extract’, with no slow-down option and once connected lift-up. Other option is use of dronbes, if these can be strapped with more lbs in weights these can be strapped with the wounded soldiers for quick extraction. The inventions and ingenuity is limitless, as to options of heavy vulnerable platforms.

and I keep arguing we need a complete and fully urban-trained specialist regiment, at the present the British Army consists of ‘jack-of-all-trades’ infantry units. These are useful as reserve forces, and follow-on forces. Special units should be highly trained in various tradecrafts, eg. agents-control and handling, communications, medical, cultural intelligence, psychological skills, engineering and demolition and so forth.

Give me a 20-men/women team, I can give you a city, i stand by this.


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