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I promised a second part on this subject, and here we will discuss the operational tactics suited to the urban operations as defined within the framework of my military theory of ”command of the cities”.

This is of course and abridged version of the much more detailed exploration on the subject. However, here we will point in bullet-points the key or core tactical and operational maneuvers and tempo as required.

** First is the principle of ‘laagering’, this is the use of the heavy platforms, to hold and control cleared zones of operations.

** This will allow for next wave of special civil forces and administration, to enable these zones of the cities to function as usual, the psychological essence of the grand strategy

** The operational and maneuvering forces will essentially be made up of very light and highly manuverable forces, of special new infantry; the US had an excellent idea with the stryker brigade, however, they failed in making these forces ”attached and dependent”, or working around the platforms, the stryker platforms themselves. The new-old deabte and errors of whether to integrate the tanks with infantry, and which to be first command and control etc.

** these new infantry special units, will be akin to special forces, and airborne forces, however on masses, numbers are critical in controlling the nodes/chokes of the streets and twists of the cities. their will be no operational platforms other than fast-moving bikes, and new special platforms integrated with robotics capabilities, our new age ”tanks”, platform with ‘heavy’ firepower.

** the use of dogs will be important, as well, as the need for ‘running agents’, spies and ‘community agents’, to infiorm and provide updated info etc.

** airpower is not advisable, loss of critical psychological aspects of the operations, the heart and mind, etc. However, the use of much miniature drone use is most advisable for battlefield intelligence, reconnaisance, surveillance, communications, and even support firepower (not bombs, but automatic rapid guns).

and so forth. I will stop here for the present. This is one of my products for sell, so I am not diverging it in details, notr connecting the info above into operational picture.


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