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As promised, I thought I should discuss what I have been promising for the few past days, the nature and character of the failure of the Afghan war.

In a military spectrum, we are clear victors, no doubt here. But in a post-handling of the nation-building, just like Iraq, we seemed to be on the failing slope. We appointed a highly corrupt administration, and for the good of the relationships, we continue [d] to tolerate and support unequivocally, these corrupt and lesser of the evil groups, even on the midst of heightened unpopularity at the local level, and international (our own western public). It is here, that we failed to see through an excellently executed and managed military operations against the weakened fanatics of Taliban. Just like post-Soviet invasion and defeat, it was this failure to remove the corrupt incumbent administration that saw the public need for a strong ‘and moral’ alternative and support for the rise of Taliban. This phenomenon can repeat itself, just as we live, the Taliban will seek a new legitimacy and authority, to challenge the existing corrupt administration of Karzai.

To win completely the Afghan War, we need to get rid, that really clean up the administration, and open up a for new representatives, at the same time rebuilt a system of check and balances and separation of powers, as we have here in the west, within the local Afghanistan Institutions. While at the same time truly put real effort in re-building the local and national economy (here, I have complete faith in the US culture of, what I refer to as the, pax entrepreneurship; that once it has used it’s force, it does live behind a better society, just look at Japan, Germany, Panama and Iraq).

The Afghan War is a success, not a full success, but a success that needs to be completed through political and economic reforms and actions.


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