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As I reiterated yesterday, I am not among the many driven by the public opinion fed mostly by the popular media and others with own personal-agenda that the war on terror was, and has been, a big mistake. That the advent of the war, was to create and feed into the Islamic hatred and animosity towards the West, or responsible for the other terror events post-9/11 and the aggressive nature we conducted and dealt with the issue at hand, Islamic fundamentalism, or was to infringe civil liberties and so forth.

It was not the War that was responsible for these negative by-products. This is the single most significant failure of apprehension across the board, from the laypersons to learned-persons, who sincerely and strongly seemed to believe and uphold the conduct of the war on terror as the single most significant precipitant drive towards more heightened terror activities across the global, and targeting the western interests and persons.

• IT IS THE INITIAL HANDLING AND THE PRESENTATION OF THE ”CONCEPT” OF WAR ON TERROR, that is the single most significant reason to create a negative by-environment.
• It was the MAJOR PERSONALITIES, the western leaders and their closest-association to the concept of ‘war on terror’ and how they initially presented this war-concept that actually was responsible in creating misunderstanding and confusion within our societies and outside world, in particular, the Muslim World. As initially we saw an array of dominate aggressive and ”crusading” vocabularies and lingua, in defining and justifying the war-concept, from Bush’s ”Crusade War”, to the clear close-association of American-far rights/Neo-Cons association to the war-concept and so forth.

The War, as an Activity, not a Concept, is a Major success, this is my argument. As a concept, it was reduced to jingoistic jargon of mixture, of racial, cultural and religious narratives, of ”whether with us”, the righteous white Christian westerners, or ”with them”, the barbaric, wife-beating, Muslim shit-heads. This was the battle-line of fault and errors, failures and criticism, hatred and aggression. It was the concept of the war, the people associated to it in closeness and the way it was presented initially which has created a seemingly in-built aversion, criticism and despise of the war on terror, but as a military conduct, the war on terror, I will forever stand by my argument, has been the most important and significant twenty-first century war with consequent in assuring the world order, peace and security, and especially for us in the West, as the rest.

one more point to stress: reinstate back full civil rights, and rid of the anti-civil rights legislatives implemented to counter abuse of our free societies: this single action will have a great psychological effect on the public and the extremists; and will signal a clear coming to end of the ‘long war’, as academia refer to, with clear victory for us.


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